Bg not working i need help

why is the background not showing ??

Double check the name. Make sure that you didn’t put a “- DAY” or “- NIGHT” at the end of your background name. If that part is correct, try checking your overlay name.

If you recently uploaded this background in a separate tab and are now trying to use it in your writer portal tab, save your story and refresh the page. For some reason, the system has a problem with tabs lol

it still isn’t working :frowning:

You’ve checked that both the background name and overlay names match what you have in your art catalog?

Saved and refreshed the portal page?

Try signing out and back in?

Clear browser cookies for ?

^^If none of these things work, submit a support ticket and they’ll be able to help you from their end. :slight_smile: Good luck.

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it works now thank you :yay:

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Not related to your main issue but… on line 1536 you wrote: “Well, that was easier then expected.”, but the correct word is than.
So it should read: “Well, that was easier than expected.” :blush:

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thank you :blob_hearts:

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