Biased Episode Stories

When I say biased episode stories I mean those types of stories where the girl has like 2 or more love interests, but the writer of the story is trying to get you to gravitate towards the main love interest of the story (usually the bad boy).

So like I’ll be reading the story and the girl be narrating something about the bad boy like : “He’s too hot, I can feel myself getting nervous around him. The thought of kissing him came to my mind.” - - Then in my head I’ll just be thinking “ugh stop, I don’t like this love interest. stoooopppp.”

It’s like every episode the writer would give only one guy most of the flirtatious lines, and the love interest you really like barely gets any. (They only get one or two scenes of it and that’s just it.)


I think I see what you mean. I hate that too. Especially since you even make choices to steer away from a certain love interest, but the MC will still gravitate towards them. It’s almost as if my choices don’t matter.


Even with other interactive story apps, I feel like this happens a lot. The writer(s) of the story will go towards a certain LI, even if you want another one (and, there’s a reason it’s interactive with choices). It gets really annoying.

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OMG I AGREE WITH THIS SO MUCH! And I absolutely hate it when authors try to force their choice on us!


and i find this so annoying because the mc is always thirsting after him like he is the only man in the world. It makes the mc come off as desperate and pathetic. And in these cases it always seems like the mc is more into the guy and i don’t like those type of relationships when the girl is more into the guy. jmo :slight_smile:

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Exactly like if the MC is going to have more than one love interest at least let the choices be fair, if not then what’s the point. Like I get ir, the creator has a character they really like. I do too and sometimes I give the character more lines then intended that’s why I preview my work and check everything to make it fair for all characters.


Seriously if you’re try to get me to gravitate towards a particular person at least make the person like able and not those freaking cliche bad boys who just constantly talk about the MCs body and how he wants to bang :roll_eyes:

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I find its the oppisite(with non officsl episode stories) they make u gravitate to the “nice guys” although i defintely see the other ones(make u choose the bad boys) i hate when ppl force me to choose the oppisites…have a story where u make routes for BOTH LOVE INTRESTS instead of one or the other. Make them both intresting(not just cliche good guy whos there to make the bad boy look worse/or cliche bad boy) and give both good routes(but most authors dont wanna do tht cuz the branchings complex) but it makes a story worth it.

I hate that. If you’re going to act like you’re giving us options, at least try actually giving us options. It gets 10x worse when there’s an LGBT+ romance option but you just know the writer’s only doing it to make their story seem more diverse. It becomes obvious because the main character never gets to spend any time near the one same-gender love interest in a sea of hetero options.

The whole “forced route for a specific character despite having multiple love interests” thing part of why I don’t read romance, along with the heteronormativity, attempts to beat the reader over the head with the physical aspects of attraction/relationships, lack of real chemistry between most pairings, and my inability to avoid reading a majority of these relationships without scoffing because “this isn’t interesting or healthy and also mine’s better”.


Yeah I always feel like the second (or second AND third) love interest are an after thought. Like an author’s worried you want like the love interest so they give you a back up, but then the back up gets a lesser story line anyway

I also hate this when they don’t let you change a love interests appearance and then they are biased and gravitate toward them and get all steamy but it’s weird bc the love interest is super ugly! Like i understand that some authors like to keep the story like the original and they picture them a certain way, but it still makes the story worse for me.

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This is, I think the problem with multiple LI. And even if the 2 or more LI get all the same amount of scenes you have those moments with the LI you don’t like and then you got all those scenes you don’t like. You will still have those scenes, “He’s so hot…” you also got those scenes with the other LI but that doesn’t change the fact that you have the same scenes with the other LI. This is why I prefer 1 LI. (Not saying that you have to like 1 LI, everyone has other opinions)


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The remedy to this is to make sure all the LIs in a story have a role to play besides just being a LI for the main character.
Because, honestly, if that’s the only purpose a character has, then there’s not much else for them to do other than stand around and have the MC stare at them and be like, “omg… so hot”.
If they actually have something to contribute to the plot, then any romantic thoughts and interactions the MC has toward the character can be turned into choices and left up to the reader.

It IS possible to have multiple love interests in a story and still only have one of the pursue/be pursued by the MC… it just takes a bit more coding on the part of the writer.