Big Brother Fan Thread


Hi everyone! This is a place to discuss everything about the Big Brother television game show. From Head of Household competitions to who you want to see evicted and win the grand prize this season.

Talk about anything related to Big Brother!


She has anime hair.


Haha :joy:, luckily she’s still in the house competing.


Is she’s your favorite.


I personally loved The BROMANCE, but Winston was my favorite.


My favorite right now is between Bayleigh and Tyler since they seem to have a good chance at winning the money and are competitive.

The bromance was awesome too. It was sad to see Winston leave, his smile and winks were nice. :joy:


I do NOT like Kaitlyn or Rockstar @ all.


Oh my!! I SCREAMED when Kaitlyn was evicted. I cannot stand her tears and nonsense.


Lmao! It got annoying on the puzzle when she kept going mmm uh mmm uh mmm uh


Yess! Like mhhhhmm, keep doing what you’re doing, keep struggling. The puzzle looked fairly easy and I thought should would make it but SHES GONE! :grinning:

Cannot stand this girl.


I thought so too! What r your thoughts on Swaggy C? I think he is/was too arrogant…


Same, whenever he didn’t win the bonus app, he started getting somewhat “irritated” at America for not choosing him. Then got confused when he was evicted. :woman_facepalming: He was going strong at first but then he just started acting like he was Paul from BB19. (Can’t stand that guy either)

What are your thought on him?


Same lol, I also didn’t like Liz from BB19 but I liked her twin Julie some


I remember watching this-the challenges were my fav part-but I felt like there was too much romance! Literally almost everyone was part of
a couple lol :sweat_smile:


Lmao the only romance I liked was the bROMANCE


Thanks for creating this thread @granolias


No problem! I just wanted a place so I can talk about this show with other people than my family. I guess I’ll be chatting more during the show tonight. :grinning:


Ooh I can totally see why. For some reason this season only has bromances and besties going on. Except one current showmance that seems like a confusing on and off relationship with Haleigh and Faysal.


YAY I love big brother!


Awesome, more fans!