Big Brother ~ RP ~ General Chat


Welcome to another season of Big Brother!
Do you think you have what it takes to move into a house full of strangers, isolated from the outside world, and win the hearts of fans? All to win fame and fortune! If you think this is for you, sign up now!

The chosen HouseGuests, between 20 to 30 of them, will only have to live and interact with each other in the house. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a little more. The HouseGuests will also be required to do at least one private diary entry per day, as well as follow the countless other rules. The breaking of any of the House Rules will lead to your IMMEDIATE eviction. No second chances.

Evictions: Every two days, you will also be asked to nominate two HouseGuests for eviction. The two (or more if there’s a tie) with the most nominations, will be put up for the public to vote. The HouseGuest with the highest votes will be immediately asked to leave the house (and be out of the RP, though they can still vote). Though, be warned, with evictions there can be comeback HouseGuests as well!
*Inactive HouseGuests, unless you inform me prior, will be evicted first.

House Rules (breaking these can get you evicted straight away.)

This thread will be used for general chat, as well as the eviction polls.


Evictions/Diary Room

Thanks for reading, guys. Hope I haven’t missed anything. If I have then please don’t hesitate to ask below!


Just submitted my from! Gonna submit another soon :smiley:


Reserve for two!


Reserve for one!


Reserve for one!


Thank you for submitting, however, it says …

The show watches how people unknown to each other interact. If friends entered, the drama wouldn’t be the same. Maybe keep one, but could you please rethink the other character?! :blush:


Cool, happy to see you want to join, @QueenChid, @SilverStar, and @ReeseTheReallyGrumpy.
Just please enter your characters as soon as you can, then we can start the RP sooner. :slight_smile:


Reserve for one :slight_smile:


Alright! I will remove the boy :purple_heart:


Okay, thanks. I’ve added her to the slides. :smile:


I’ll reserve for 1!


Thank you, @Chocolate_Mama, @LadyPhantom, and @jdepisode. Your faceclaims are up. Any changes you suddenly think of then just message me. :grin:

So far we have 2 female and 3 male HouseGuests! :smile: :wink:


I just submitted the sign up form


Cool, thanks. You’ve been added! :smiley:


Ive submitted two. :sweat_smile: hopefully one makes it.


Thanks, @lilysmith10 and @sdavis05. I’ve updated faceclaims to include yours!

Can we also try not to have any more characters under the age of 25? We need more older characters. :slight_smile:


How many characters is a person allowed to have?


Two for now, but I might change that later depending on how many sign ups I get. Right now I just want to give everyone a chance to have a charcter before allowing more than two characters per RPer.
Will tell you if I need more! :smile:


Hey guys,
@QueenChid, @ReeseTheReallyGrumpy, and @L375, just wondering when you were planning to send me your characters? :slight_smile:

Also, just wanted to see if the others who said they were interested were wanting to create a character or two? @Queen_Faith, @IIChanII, @Briar.R, and @KeelyKiwi.


It’s actually a really busy time of the year for me (finals and all that) so I might be able to join…How active will we need to be and about when do you estimate we’ll start?