Big Brother (Show) Episode! Are you in?

So about a year ago I created a reality TV competition episode called The Final Destination (I did not know about the movie with that title at the time, lol). It was fully interactive with other authors who got to actually be competitors. With myself as the host, people were voted onto the show by community members, and voted off as well! We didn’t get very far though after school started for me, so we had to end it.

But now that I’m on summer break with a month before I return, I’d like to start it up AGAIN! This time it will have a different title, less players so that we can finish the season, better challenges, and more drama!

The scenes were recorded in real time by myself which I then put into an episode, much like real life where stuff is recorded then edited to make sense. This was the beginnings of it if you’d like to watch!

Would you be interested in participating?! I would just love to do this again, it’s really fun! If this starts up watch my Instagram page @stokes_stories where I’ll be posting information about how to get involved! Any questions or comments! Leave them below! :point_down:t3:


This looks amazing!!!

Would totally be interested :slight_smile:

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Same! I’m not 100% certain on how to do it but I would be interested :wink:


The idea sounds cool. I would definitely be interested.