Big living room!


I really need a big living room (day and night) big enough to fit in 13 people !! I can’t find one that doesn’t look weird, because I wanted a big part of the characters to be sitting (Maybe like 7) and the other can be standing, but in the majority of the backgrounds I find they just have to cover each other because there’s really not enough space x_x

If you have one or know any background editor that has them on their drive please let me know!!!


Raven hood can give me 30 minutes or an hour.


Do you want it custom or made of the internet and what kind of sofa do you want and what would you like in background?


Thanks!! I don’t want it to be real life-ish, you know? More episode style! It can’t be girly nor boy-ish, and if it has windows I wanted it to show a forest ^^ enough sofas for 8 poeple I guess and a tv somewhere!



Ok give me an hour or 2


Can you go here and pick a empty living room you like?

#7;_ylt=A0geKV8P.DdbN_MAA6kPxQt.?p=empty+living+room+big&fr=yhs-iba-1&fr2=piv-web&hspart=iba&hsimp=yhs-1&type=69pr_7299_CHW_US#id=99& this one looks great ^^


And would you like this sofa


veeeery pretty :smiley: omg


Lol I will add that


Thank you sooo much :’)


Your welcome I just love helping people and making art and no credit needed.


Oh no no no! I want to credit you! Any account I can credit?


Raven Hood


Its gonna take alot of time lol sorry I think it be ready tommorow.


No problem :grin: