Big meaningful choices

Hey guys, I need some help over here !.So I want to make big meaningful choices but I cannot understand any point on Joseph Evans video.So let me give you an example , Emily is at a party and she sees a mysterious girl approaching to her boyfriends Emily wants to find who that girl is, so the choice will be either she follows her and finds out who she is or stay at the party.What should I do ? Please someone give me an example.


Are you saying that you want the choice to be remembered as it is important to the story?
If so, check out @Dara.Amarie’s topic for if/else choices!

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Yes I have read the link you have sent but I got confused because it says that if there’s going to be a 2 option choice then I will have to use if and else but the problem is that I don’t understand how to make the second choice like the first one will be “go find the mysterious girl” (which is going to be on the first option but for the second choice I have no idea where to write it

I have no idea either. If you want, I’ll go learn it really quick and send you a template?

Thank you so much, please when you get to learn it help me with it <3

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Look at the examples in the link above. It shows you where to write the choices.

if (first_flag) {
outcome for first choice goes here

} else {
Outcome for second choice goes here


choice (choice name)
“Follow her”{
#insert dialogue, animations here

“Stay at the party”{
#insert dialogue and animations here

if (choice name = “Follow her”){
#insert animation and dialogue for what happens when the option “Follow her” is chosen
if (choice name = “Stay at the party”){
#insert animation and dialogue for what happens when the option “Stay at the party” is chosen

That’s how I would do it, but you could always also use the ‘else’ option.

This might be wrong but it worked when I tested it on my script.

Should I follow her?

#beat ends
#beat starts
choice (CHOICE_1)
“Follow The Girl” {
#insert animatons and dialogue for “follow the girl” here

} “Stay At The Party” {
#insert animations and dialogue for “stay at the party” here


if (CHOICE_1) {
#insert scene for choice one here

} else {
#insert scene for choice two here

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Oops I’m a bit late 🥲

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(first_flag) is the first choice ? also after the first choice where do I write the second one? I mean I seriously read it 15 times and all I get is the first point

I will try this and I will tell you

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second choice goes underneath } else {

so under else im going to write “stay at the party”?

You need a gain and you should put the choice under the word choice not on the same line.

what do you mean I need a gain?

where should I write it ?

In the template Dara showed you it used a gain.

This is a screenshot of a gain system I use in my story. If you look you can see how to write one and how to use it to change an outcome.

so I make something like “goto find_the_girl”? sorry I have no idea how this works like it’s kind of complicated

Should I follow her?

“Yes” {

(I should follow her.)

gain follow_her

} “No” {

(I am being irrational.)

if (follow_her) {

#Consequence of following her.

} else {

#Consequence of not following them.


the first part with saying yes it works but the second choice in saying no it brings the consequences if the character follow the girl