Big time help, please!

Good afternoon, I need some major help if someone could help me please. So I am writing an episode and it has a flashback scene. So, me trying to be a decent writer, I wanted the characters to change into what they were wearing in that flashback scene. I looked up in the forums how to do it and I thought I was doing it right, but then I decided to go back and play my story from the beginning, and now none of my characters are changing their outfits…LIKE AT ALL. I don’t know if this is a glitch or a script issue. If someone could please help me figure this out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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I can

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I’ll do it, :blush: I like helping ppl

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me too

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Okay, thank you guys so much. I’ll post a screen shot of the flashback scene so we can try and work this out together lol and see if the problem is there. :grin:


Okay, so I had this flash back scene split into two sections, where basically I had part of the flashback then back to real time then back to flashback again and then back to real time permanently.

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It won’t work, as when you’re testing the outfits, you gain all of the gains, so it pretty much won’t work. (hope you understood)

So it wont work for me as I’m testing it because theoretically I have gained all outfits, but it should work for my readers, since they only gained one?

No, if your readers test all the outfits, they will gain all of them. So, if you want, there’s a way to gain outfits and remember them, just let the character show all the outfits to the reader, then ask them “Which outfit do you want to wear?” then when they choose one, don’t give them a choice to try the others, because then it won’t work. (I’m bad at explaining)



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It should work, when previewing your story and j the app make sure to press reset story progress so it’ll reset all gains

Okay…so I tried that and the clothes still won’t change when I play it lol. I have no clue what went wrong. :frowning_face:

Okay, so during the throw back, I have to allow them to chose what outfit they want to wear?

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did you put gains?

yes, I’ll put a screenshot of them to make sure I did them right.

And then the screenshots above show how I used the “if…” stuff