Bike overlay w/basket

Does anyone have a pink bike with a basket attached to it?

Do you want something like this?

pink bike


Yess! These are perfect, thank you!:relaxed:

Who do i credit?

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It’s nothing and there is no need to credit, I found this on a free website.

how do you add these to your story I’m sorry I literally started yesterday and Idon’t know what I’m doing?

You go to your episode account on a laptop/phone, click art catalog, then go to overlays,

Then click on the button overlays: available for ALL stories and change it to upload your own overlays and they should have a button there for you to upload :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d link helpful guides:

Additional threads on overlays (bonus-easing functions):

You can find more tutorials here: 💎 JemU776's Tutorials LIST (Full) 💎 and at:

as well as:

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover: If you’re more of a learner through videos, there’s tons of helpful resources to check out on youtube! :dizzy:


Your a life saver tysm

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tysm appreciate it