Bike overlays and animations

Hey, episode.

Here’s just a desperate request from a desperate writer.:sob:
But we really need bike overlays and animations in episode assets. I mean, how bad boy/girl characters can be potrayed without a BIKE?!
So yeah, I hope you see this request and consider it.:blush:

Have a good day/night.:heartbeat:


This is not my bike overlay, but I saw it on a website and it was free to download.
So here it is:

Visit this website for more free overlays:

Here is also a video for hidden episode animations: Hidden Episode Animations
This is not my video! It is a video I found on the interwebs
Just to let you know too, for the video, it was made in 2017 so, some of the animations are already available to use.
Hope this helps!


Thank you! :blush:


Lol, I thought you were talking about bicycles. :rofl: because I just had to upload some.

But yes, motorcycles too.


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