Billie Eilish? Yay or nay

I’m a major Billie Eilish fan, and I want to know what you think of her!


I love her to fricking bits. She says she hates herself but she doesn’t see how amazing she is and how her music has helped loads of people. Her music has actual meaning - not just about sex, alcohol, money and drugs.


Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay

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SHE’S AMAZING 100000000000000000000000000000000/10!:hearts::hearts::hearts:

I’m a nay bc I hate depressing songs. Fight me


That’s ok <3 it’s your opinion but i just love her because she makes songs that relate to people who can’t relate to many of today’s music

e.g: (robot choking) “whY doOnt yOu juSt mEeT mE iN MiDdlE? IM LOSING MY MIND JUST A LITTLE

e.g. 2: “yo yung box on the beat yo yo i got ice on my wrist (ice ice) and my watch a rolly and my pants held up with hunna thousan dollars. , yo yo like my gucci with some ice cream (ice iCe) on my wrist ay ay ay ay yung coco righ ere about to make the drop drip drip ice on my chain gucci belt ice cream yeah she got thousand on my wris but ima get er mill on the wris ay ay drip the chain on the ice get the flex, flex my spice. Your man got a house but do he gotta a mansion”

2019 music basically


Sorry, but nay. Her music is just not my taste. Sorry if I’m offending you.

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Not at all! I wanted to hear opinions.

Well, I don’t like her music, so nay?

Eh idm but
If I had to choose
Nay, not my type

wow, most people here don’t like her…

Billie Eilish is too gen z

Yeah, i get that all her fans try to be edgy and stuff but her voice is beautiful

she can go so high without any autotune


I love her


FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES HERR i swear everyone here doesnt like her :frowning:

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I like a few songs from her. My favourites are copycat and my boy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



She creeps me out :no_mouth:

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