Birds of passage


people who read birds of passage, what did you think?


I think it is a great story. There is customization and choices matter. You make a lot of decisions for your character in it, and it has some plot twists.


I really enjoyed this story! I liked the plot and the directing and you can tell that a lot of work has been put into it. I especially loved the if/elif coding with the coins when you go to purchase items.


Yeah I agree and I think the plot is so well thought out! I just needed people to fan girl over it with me!!


Yeah the coding with the coins was very original and well executed :slight_smile:


It was extremely good- excellent directing and storyline, great characters, and the end twist was bittersweet, but I was slightly disappointed because I heard the ending had made people cry but I was dry-eyed lol

EDIT: Oh and for those talking about the coin system- that was super cool, there’s a similar system in H&V: Bad to the Bone, it’s so cool


I freaking loved it. I plan to replay it soon.


Okay thanks I’ll make sure to check that out!


Yeah I might too soon😂


i loved how u could buy stuff

110% recommend


Glad to know you liked it too!



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