Birthday contest


This is my first time doing this I tried :sweat_smile::blush:



How can I credit you if I want to add it to my instgram


You can use my instagram @drawinganyway :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


okay thank you


My entry!


Woahhh that looks amazing! :grinning:


@lanafrazer_episode do you have any suggestions for who would be interested? I dont know too many people sooo :joy::joy::heart:


ok lol


Tags: (if u are interested)

P.S If I tagged u n u dont do art, u dont have to comment. XDDD



Thanks for the tag.


Thank you for tagging me and I will be joining


Password - Geburtstag


Thank you aha :heart:


Here is my entry.
With and without then Globe.



Thats such a cool idea


Thanks. Beautiful outline.




Ok so i know a lot of art competitions around episode are ending between the 20th of feb and the 25th of feb so i was wondering if i should extend the deadline now?

  • Ask on the 20th (ish)
  • Yes, deadline to the 27th/28th feb
  • Yes, deadline to the 1st (ish) March

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Also should i have 3 winners overall or put art into a charagory of β€œamateur” and β€œadvanced” to make the competition more fair and have one winner from each, the winners having the same prize?

  • Have 3 winners overall
  • Have 1 winner for advanced and 1 for amateur

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@ShortneyShadow may I post on IG and if so what do I credit you by for the outline?