Birthday matches

Comment your birthday down below and whoevers is the same as mine gets a follow s shout out of my story and gets to be the main characters sister or brother in my first story

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I think there’s already a thread like this somewhere

I am new to this so i don’t know

You can check out this thread:

It’s best to learn the forum guidelines and rules, as well as how the forum works (ex. what category to post in, etc) when we’re new :smile:

Yes, there is already a topic that relates to birthdays :wink:

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24 April :upside_down_face:

5 June :upside_down_face:

I am gonna ask cakes from you at your birthday

hahahah, then you have to wait a whole year for that

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I will​:wink:and get myself a :cake::yum:

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1st August, coincidence I saw this today :joy:


Feb. 7


Oh no! You are sooo close to mine!!!

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May 10th

HPPY BDAY GURL!:ok_hand::butterfly::bug::hibiscus::shell::tulip: AND HELO0O0O IM NATTY :hugs::smile_cat::hibiscus::cherry_blossom::bouquet: my bday is in 4 days!* geek!

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September 9th

July 3rd. :thinking:

Thank you! How old are you turning? :joy:

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15…:hugs::smile_cat::blush: and uu?

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