Birthday Outline Contest Idea - Need Outline Artists!


I wanted to have a outline contest for my birthday but I would need someone to create the outline for me.

I want to hold this contest on my Instagram @mindy.stories

Unfortunately this is short notice and I would need it worked on today and finished tonight (February 1) because my birthday is Saturday, February 2nd.

Note: You will be credited on my Instagram

Rules: (Please read and follow the instructions carefully)
• I would like it to be a Ink character
• If you want to create more than one outline, on a separate image, please create a male outline and a female outline
• You create the outline however you would like. On Saturday morning, I will notify you if I choose to use your outline. (I may choose more than 1 outline for this contest)
• Please no watermarks on the image… as I said, when I choose the outlines to use for the contest, credit will be given to you on Instagram (please leave your forum name or Instagram handle)
• Be creative!

• Also, this is a outline contest being held on my birthday…
• This is a contest, so I would like to have prizes… maybe have the winner get an edit from you?

If you’re willing to help me out, please let me know ASAP

Deadline for your outline: 9:00 AM CST February 2nd 2019

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I can do it. Can you send me the picture?


I think you have to draw the outline?


Oh lol I thought we have to trace over a certain character.

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Your outlines can be however you want.

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I will be picking outlines to be in the contest tomorrow :slight_smile:

Have fun creating! Can’t wait to see what people do!

Note: I can make the deadline for tomorrow at 9:00 AM, would that be better? @Silver_Shadow

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Deadline timeline has been changed to 9 AM tomorrow.

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It is now 9 AM CST, does anyone have any last outlines to post?



I’ll be extending the outlines to Tuesday. I will then choose 3 outlines for the contest on Wednesday on my Instagram. If you would like to take part in making an outline or editing an outline (colouring it), please follow @mindy.stories on Instagram.

You can take this outline if you want please still credit me, I made it ages ago and don’t know what to do with it. If you want to make small changes to it tell me and I can change it a bit.

So are we suppose to make outlines for your insta or color the outline?

Make outlines here, I’ll be choosing 3 to post to my Instagram and then people can colour them from Instagram. Once the contest ends, I’ll choose who coloured the best outline, and if the person who wins uses your outline, they will be able to get an edit from you.

Does this make sense? (I just woke up)

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Also, I’ll be giving you credit if I choose your outline. Typically I would use your Instagram account though.

Example would be:
Image 1 by @ UserName1
Image 2 by @ Username2
Image 3 by @ username 3

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Just wondering, what exactly are you doing for this competition?
Seems a little strange to me to hold a competition for people on your instagram that you are asking someone else to do all the work for. Not only are you not doing the outline (fair enough some people don’t) but then you are also gifting people a prize done by the same artist who’s creating the outline.

If you want to hold a competition, why not do it as something that you yourself can actually do a part of. :thinking:


Just noticed…you have the same birthday as my brother

Sorry this was off-topic

I originally was going to do the outlines myself but this was very last minute and I was unsure of how much time there was.

Why did I choose other people to do other people to do the outlines? Why not? I’m willing to showcase how amazing outline artists actually are in the community. By doing it this way, it brings the artists more clients? Also it’s about helping the community. If someone needs to find an artist and they like their outline? Then this an easy way to find them…

In a way, I think I’m helping the community…

Colouring the outline, is just something fun to do.


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