Birthing in the Delivery room template

#@zoom on 9 261 to 34% in 0 (This is for is you want flexibility when it comes to respoting the characters in all the zones, otherwise, don’t unhashtag this line)
&zoom reset

&reset hsl

&speechbubble reset

sound off

music off

&JASE spot 0.665 666 317
&JASE moves to layer 1
&SASHA spot 0.737 788 301
&SASHA moves to layer 2
&BYRNES spot 0.791 690 293
&BYRNES moves to layer 6
&ERIN spot 0.656 433 412
&ERIN moves to layer 4
&JOSH spot 0.791 413 203
&JOSH moves to layer 5
&cut to zone 3

&JOSH faces right and JOSH is surprised
&ERIN faces left and ERIN is talk_lay
&SASHA faces left and SASHA is cover_mouth_smile
&BYRNES faces left and BYRNES is talk_cover_mouth_awkward
&JASE faces left and JASE is talk_crossed_arms_squint

@pause for a beat

@pause for a beat

@pause for 2

@pan to zone 1 then pan to zone 2

You’ll need this background:

The spot placement were made SPECIFICALLY for this background. :confused:

This template was made in classic, but you can edit it if you want and change the animations to other styles. :slight_smile:

It’ll work in other styles, too. They aren’t that different to be honest, as I’m using literally ALL OF THEM. :confused:

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