Black Authors Rec🖤

Can you recommend black authors (IG, Forums, or Episode App @) :black_heart:,whether its yourself or a friend or someone? My favorites are

@/Andrea Elle
@/Elle Badu

off the top of my head.


Ouu, my favs are

@/Ronniee.epi (i think thats her @)

i loveeee love their stories :heart_on_fire:




@/Lovessuperstarr (Nia Page)

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(Have more but not sure if they are on forums)



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Hi, I’m a Black author! My instagram is @jordanlaurentepisode. Working on a new story that I hope to release this month! <3

Edit: I just released it!


good luck! :heart:

@sincity.episode her story OM: Mansion Of Love is the best :smile: @Sin.City


Thanks love :slight_smile:

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I’m a black author. I’m writing my first story that I plan on releasing by the end of December. :brown_heart:

If you want to check it out and support, my Instagram is lauren.epi_stories_ . I plan on posting story updates, art scenes, sneak peeks and stuff like that.

Thank you for supporting Black Authors :bangbang::brown_heart: :brown_heart: :dizzy:

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Kheyr (@/kheyrwrites)
Reina J Ruiz (@/reinajruiz)
Alys Noir (@/author.alys)
Kayla Sloans (@/kaylas.epi)
Angel Wright (@/
xxAlphaBetaXx (@/xxalphabetaxx.writes)
Briana (@/writtenbybri_)
Shayla (@/shaylawritesstories)
Alize (@/writeralize)
Simi (@/simia.stories)
Lana (@/lanafrazer.episode)

The usernames I’ve put down are for Instagram. (:

I’m also terribly sorry if I’ve made a mistake and listed someone who does not identify as black.


HI, I’m a black author.
@Rahdia IG: th3punkprincess08.episodeart

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Black author here :raising_hand_woman:t5:

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Episode or IG name?

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Read any stories by @talesbymarie. Especially teenage spy so dang good!!

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Hey thank you for this thread!🫶🏽🖤

I’m a black author and my story is ‘The Queen and The Rogue’ :princess:t5::ninja:t3::crown:

Genre: Fantasy

Description: You’re next in line to the throne to become Queen of the werewolves. What will happen when you meet your mate who is a rogue? The uphill battle begins…

The MC is black but there is full CC!

My name on Episode & Instagram: Kasha.Writes 🫶🏽

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We are!