Black Boys with Blue Eyes

No. I mean, maybe, sure. No though. As a mixed (white and black) male with light brown eyes, and my mom having ice blue eyes, it’s nearly just not going to happen. Never met anyone personally. Never. Sure, green eyes, i guess. Stop putting blue eyes on black characters very very often unless you’re black yourself I guess cause it’s like you’re trying to “normalize” them and it makes them look…odd. (CORRECTION: IF YOU’RE BLACK AND HAVE BLUE EYES YOU ARE PROBABLY SEXY AS HELL CAUSE Real PEOPLE WHO ARE BLACK AND HAVE BLUE EYES ARE HELLA CUTE, butttttt i’m saying it looks WIERD on E P I S O D E CHARACTERS!! :slight_smile: )


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I guess people just like the color :joy: Personally, I don’t see the hype because it doesn’t look natural. I believe people get inspiration from the viral picture of a little black girl with blue eyes.


I’ve only seen it once in my life from a classmate in high school. It was genetic. He was black and his eyes were bright blue (like an ice blue). And no, it wasn’t contacts or anything. The girls were all over him lol :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :joy:


My eyes are blue, I’m mixed but more black. My main make character is black and has blue eyes… :neutral_face:


I don’t mind them since colored contacts exists as well.


Let me show you.

He’s a light skin.


I agree. I hate when people do that.

1: blue eyes are a rarity
2: brown eyes are beatefull
3: even though It can happen its rare. I am pretty sure there are more black people with blue eyes on episode then there exist irl




Yeah it’s annoying I’ve noticed that too with like other features too.:roll_eyes:People do that because they want to make the black characters look very similar to a white person by putting Eurocentric feautures such as light eyes / dead straight hair etc but just with darker skin. It seems degrading to me tbh. Have they never heard of BLACK feautures? If you’re going to add a black person to your story make it look like one please :skull:.


Seems like it isn’t rare at all :woman_shrugging:t4:


Did you search up black guys with blue eyes?..

Because then Google is just giving you the results you searched up…Which is not a good representative of a population at all…:neutral_face:


so one website says 17 % of the world population has blue eyes. another says its between 8 and 10 procent. and that is the entire world. where most is based in Europe.

meanwhile brown is between 55 and 79 procent

also those black people with blue eyes are light skin. where often in episode story they go completly black.


I know that. :heart: I only wanted to say don’t bother yourself with how other people write and what characters they make.

Life is going to waste if you worry about others. Heads up :heart:

When I create black characters, I make them with brown eyes. In one of my story they the female mc has grey eyes, but just because they’re not too light. I try to respect and understand. :heart:


I’m not sure how to feel about this topic. For one, it’s Episode. If you came here looking for the perfect representation of Black men and women or POC in general, then I honestly don’t know what to tell you. :woman_shrugging:t5::thinking:

I completely get the point trying to be made, but I also feel like if the subject isn’t handled correctly, it can take a pretty toxic turn… Saying that ALL Blacks look alike kinda keeps us in that stereotypical box that most - not all - see us in. Black people come from all over the world and don’t all have C4 hair and Wide or King noses.


It should be noted that Episode needs to give us more Afro textured hair though, cause we’re seriously lacking in that department!

Yeah, overusing the feature can be annoying af, but to generalize is kind of ridiculous. Not all white people look alike. And while I’m sure it can be read with negative undertones, and in some cases it may even be done in a harmful manner, the point is that it’s Episode.

Besides, half the time it’s 13 year olds that don’t understand - or do and just don’t care - about the harmful connotations that trying to “Europeanize” blacks/poc can hold.

To be completely honest, I don’t think I’ve seen it all that often. Probably because I’m a basic bish & stick to my bad romance fics. :sweat_smile::tipping_hand_woman:t5:


another thing I dont see people mention.

random mized charaters. sometimes have blue eyes but are black. I did mention it for one onces who did have that and she told me she did not notice that at all. it was a randomized charatere.


2020: black boys blue eyes

2222: bLuE bOyS bLaCk EyEs

plz don’t kill me


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@CiCe Yes, i’m talking about the Love Interest though. My school is more populated Black then any other race and I haven’t seen but one black boy with blue eyes and hes mixed and very light skinned… Here is a statement I read about my school
“Minority enrollment is 58% of the student body (majority Black), which is higher than the Virginia state average of 50%.” Which is amazing and I fucking love my school cause of our diversity, but the fact that 58% is black tells you that if I haven’t seen but one very light skinned black boy out of the 328 black kids (58% of the population that goes to my school) then it’s pretty fucking rare-


Not sure why I was tagged since this doesn’t necessarily pertain to my comment…?

That said, 300 - 400 isn’t a majority in one school, in one state… :woman_shrugging:t5: