Black Dragon Wings overlay needed


Can someone please make me black wings overlay? Like dragons ones, I’m going to used for my male MC. Thank you. No rush but i’d prefer to have it asap but seriously if you need time I don’t mind. Thanks :smiley:


I am working on it now but I don’t know if it’s what you are looking for :blush:


I made these if you need a change tell me :v:t4: :smile:


They are really good, but I was looking for something more like this:
If it’s a problem for you don’t worry they are really good too! :slight_smile:


Do you want me to make a png from that picture?


And if yes could you tell me where you got that picture from?


I got here the black version of yours :slight_smile:


And the more lighter version


That’s not really what I meant, but it’s my fault for not explaining :sweat_smile: What I meant was for them to look like what you’ve send me first but I just wanted for them to face down other the up but don’t worry about it I’ll just use the first ones :slight_smile: . Sorry for wasting your time.


Thank you though X


It’s okay, no worries :smile:


Do you still need it because I made this overlay with the picture that you send…


I hope youu like it.

But if you are gonna use it please give me credit whether by my forum name @S.Dsana or on my instagram princesssana_sa

Thank you
And please let me know if you need anything else


@Talia.W Are you gonna use it or not let me know??


Hi, sorry for late reply. Yes I will use it thank you. I’’ make sure to credit you


Thank you