Black eye for female character

I have a character in my story that I actually want her to have a black eye in the beggining because she is abused, and i think it would take more effect if some wounds were shown outside of her clothes. Problem is I can only find a black eye option (cade bruised) for male characters

Is there any way at all for a female character to have a black eye or is it out of the question?

The only way is to use overlay and some static animations so the overlay stays in one place


I’ll see if i can figure it out

how do i get static animations?

So character not moves
For example, if you use talk_awkward animation character will tilt a bit and overlay won’t stay on her face
For example, use idle_sad or any other animation what fits the situation

oh ok then it won’t work cause my character does walk around (i mean i guess i could let it only show when she isnt’t movie. The audience will probably get the idea, Though i didn’t see black eye as an overlay option

Yes, I’ve seen people using bruises and all when a character is static and when they moving they’re no longer there. That’s the only way.
Have a look in resources section a lot of people making overlays there :slight_smile:

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ok thank you

IF the character is moving (Like walking) Try to put the overlay and the character in the same spot.

@CHAR spot 1.280 100 100
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y (Wherever you want to put it on her body)
@CHAR walks to spot 1.280 200 100 in 2

Whenever you do this, after she is done walking place the overlay on the same spot on her body that you had it before, and have the overlay shift to that spot but, at the SAME amount of time that she is walking.

If you don’t, it may not look right.

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Did you get your question answered @kpouzar? :slight_smile:

yes but im not sure i actually understand it. i may consider just cutting the black eye idea. after all she only needs it for part of the first scene, then it fades. I’ll just have a character ask about her black eye so the readers will get the idea.

by the way if i send my story will u check it out?

Well I’m glad you’ve found an overlay to play with whether it makes into the story or not :slight_smile: Closing thread! :v:t2: