Black Girl Magic!

So I decided to make this thread to show appreciation to my fellow black queens!


  • Every shade of black is beautiful!

  • Every fro is beautiful!

  • We are all beautiful no matter what others say!

We are bad ass women/ladies and I’m proud of every single black women!

Remember to spread positive love to one an another. We are awesome, unique and powerful.

Keep doing what your’e doing!

–This is to all my black queens (Bi-racial too)

Also if you aren’t black you can still comment and spread love to us black queens…I will be making separate threads for different races to spread love regarding this!

  1. 14 Black Women to Celebrate During Black History Month - Nerdist
  2. Celebrating Black Women Is More Than A History Month, It's A Mindset

I wanted to share these because they help highlight how influential and how amazing Black Women are. Black Women are the blueprint and it’s vital that everyone remembers that. Every month is Black History month, so let’s continue to celebrate and uplift Black Queens.


I’m proud of you all! :two_hearts:

We watched a video in my civics class about different black people who don’t get recognized as much. I really admire Mae Jemison, the first female black astronaut!

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Me too!! I actually had the opportunity to meet her fall of 2019 at a woman’s convention. She truly is an amazing and extremely intelligent woman. Her story, determination, compassion, etc is other-wordly! It’s truly unfortunate that Black People get pushed aside and forgotten when it comes to their accomplishments. Most of the things that we think and were taught were made by white people… were actually made by Black People.


Yeah true. The first person to perform a heart transplant was a Black man!

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Also that is so cool you met her!

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Whattt? Omg I’m low-key jealous :sob:


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