Black hairstyles: Hair is too bulky and the flips is on the wrong part

Let me start by saying that we need more black hairstyles. It’s one of the key factors holding me back from writing my story.

Now, I appreciate all the staff has tried to do but some of the few we have aren’t too great.

Take this for example—the parting is on the wrong side. I once read a story where it was swapped but I can’t seem to get that trick right. In total, it looks like a mess—or at least, close to one.



Sorry, I’m ignorant when it comes to this and I mean to offense, genuine question here:
I thought with hair and parting it, there is no wrong side and it is just a matter of preference? Is there a correct way to part black hair?

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But the parting is bulky and chunky—that much is evident. Some other black hairstyles are flat and make the characters look bald. Maybe, it’s preference but I like to think I can tell it.

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I agree, especially for the men.


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