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Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop in and quickly apologize that you all felt the need to bump this thread in my absence. :sob: I’ve been a bit neglectful in my break, but I’m hoping to get back into things now! :sunflower:

  • Here’s a bonus sneak peek of Chapter 4 for my forum pals:
Open Me!

Them being used as reaction memes is truly the highest form of praise, thank you sksk

Thank you Maccy :pleading_face: Those scenes made me feel things too :pensive:

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Glad to see you’re back :blob_hearts:


Defiled Net? :eye:


That’s the spell from the recipe that you may, or may not have learned from Lebna. :herb:


Oh, but I did. :tipping_hand_woman:


CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS :clown_face: :sob:
I want to join!!!

It’s been a while so I definitely need to reread once my app works again :unamused: But this story was so memorable to me.

I think we can all agree that it’s a masterpiece of dialogue, characterisation, world-building, plot intricacies and atmospheric symbolism. When Kheyr was announcing it before the deadline, I really didn’t know what to expect because it looked so beyond Episode. It is! I was blown away.

I adored each and every one of these expressions! I’m also going to add these two:

Amari is literally one of my favourite heroines ever. She’s so serious, dedicated and professional but also… I don’t think reckless is the right word and brave is so overdone.
What I mean is, she seems to have more respect for Lebna than for death itself, and I respect that.

Just look at that I look death in the eye and wink expression ^^^

It’s pretty cruel to have to choose just one look.

I honestly really love the one at the beginning. Shoulderless green and bonus Amari eyeroll :grin:

I also have to say that although I’m rooting for Amari madly, I can’t help but feel bad for Lebna sometimes. I’m sure Leb really cares for her, or I don’t feel she would allow half the things Amari does. :laughing:

Finally, I cannot imagine how much effort has gone into the first three chapters, let alone the rest of the story. But rest assured, Kheyr, that it has delivered a great impact already.


This is :chef: You’re right. And I don’t know what the word to sum all of that into is either, but I totally get it.

I think that’s what I like most about their relationship. Throughout it all, you can tell there’s a level of mutual respect both ways. And I think Lebna’s reservations about Amari’s plans comes from the right place and probably Amari knows that too.


I really like their mentor/mentee relationship. I think they both have a mutual respect for each other, even though Lebna is at times frustrated by her recklessness and how Amari isn’t the type to let anyone convince her not to do something she really believes in.


The fact that I missed a fan club for this story. :sob: Shows you how much I’ve been around the forums lately.

I freaking LOVE this story. Literally everything about it from the plot, characters, aesthetic, lore. You name it. SO much has gone into the creation of this and you can tell.

Honestly, Deji is probably my favorite. Their chemistry and friendship with Amari is something I absolutely live for.

The scene with Amari’s mom had me in actual tears which is really rare for me in stories. But Kheyr just nailed a lot of feelings I think when it comes to loss and especially parental loss. I connected to it WAY too well and I feel like I understand Amari a little better now because of it.

I can’t wait for the story to continue! :pleading_face: This app truly doesn’t deserve the genius that is this story and it’s rich narrative.


Ah, I’m so glad I don’t sound mad :laughing: You get me.

I completely agree! They don’t have that much screen time together but the amount of reading-between-the-lines emotion in it that Kheyr shows is incredible :weary:

YES! And I think Lebna knows that Amari is doing the right thing, or she obviously trusts her enough to even put herself at risk, which is massive.

Preach! :raised_hands: This story is one of my Episode idols. I cannot believe the sheer exclusion here. But I will stay here on this thread in protest and one day we will see it skyrocket, as it deserves :triumph:


Kheyr’s Army - here both to fight for justice and to revel in the absolute, mesmerizing masterpiece that is Black Heliconia. :crossed_swords::purple_heart:




Also I’m re-reading chapter three

And it looks like whatever glitch I was having with the overlays for facial expressions is gone!! So now we’re at maximum high quality and I am. So. Excited.


I know the Mirror has otherworldly duties to tend to, no need to feel bad. :blob_hearts:

You’re totally okay Moon! :sparkles:

Awwh, thank you. I love hearing what people think about Amari because when I think of her a very specific image comes to mind and it’s exciting seeing people understand it so well.

It’s true that they definitely both have a mutual level of respect for each other, despite it sometimes seeming like Amari might be taking advantage of it. I also wanted to note that Spiegel is perhaps a little bit right :eye: and that the reason why Lebna was ultimately forgiving and obliged her request is because she knows how important it is for Amari to secure the tree, and that goal triumphs her own worries.

Aw now I will go and cry because this is so sweet :pleading_face:


Ahh you’re rereading :sob: :blob_hearts:


Amari and Deji’s relationship in a nutshell.


Free Him


If a choice is gold does mean it’s recommended to pick it cause :sweat_smile:


I’m not crying YOURE crying :sob:


It’s a romantic or flirt choice, I think. :nail_care:t2: At least in this case.