BLACK HISTORY MONTH - A shelf for black authors!

Hello Episodians! :wave:t6:
I’m Bernice J ( and I’m a black author. :woman:t5:
It’s that time of the year again! … Black History Month! :dancer:t6: :dancer:t6: :heart_eyes:
A big thumbs up to @Episode for recognizing black authors and for creating a special shelf for us.
It’s a great opportunity to get to know the black authors in this wonderful community and the amazing, diverse stories they write. It’s also a lucky chance for newer authors to get featured and get the recognition they truly deserve.
Anyways, this post is all about getting a chance to know my fellow black authors and to also promote our stories so that they stand a chance of making it onto the shelf.
Feel free to share your thoughts on this issue. You don’t necessarily need to follow the format I’ve created - all that’s important is your episode profile name, instagram name, where you’re from, and the title of the story you’d like to promote.
Don’t forget to nominate your favorite black authors (including myself haha :wink: ) on the @episodecreators Instagram post. Link below. I wish y’all the best!

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Name: Bernice J
I’m from: Ghana! :ghana:
Story title: Clue: The devil is in the details
Genre: Mystery :mag:
Description: All your life, bad things always seem to happen to you, or so you thought! Will you discover the reason why, or DIE trying? (black male MC, minigames, tappable overlays, SUSPENSE!!!)
Cover: Clue_The_Devil_is_in_the_detail_posterThumb_hCz5N6b0qV


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