Black History Month Story List 2022

Once again, it’s Black History Month! If you know you’re a black author,or someone else. PLEASE TAG THEM AND COMMENT THEIR STORY BELOW TO BE FEATURED ON MY BLACK HISTORY MONTH STORY LIST. :yellow_heart::green_heart::black_heart::heart:

  1. Monster Love by @Uwastasia
  2. Island Fortune by @Kaysia.writes
  3. DL: The Imposter by @Bernice_J
  4. Little Things & DD: On The Other Side by @KaceyHarris15
  5. QUEEN by @LanaAugustine
  6. Stuck with you by @Jazz5
  7. Napoleon by @aoi.episode

Also, feel free to leave any supportive messages for your fav black authors! :raised_hands:t4::star_struck::sunglasses::blush:



Lol, I’m a black author :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:! Thank you so much for this thread :))

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Episodes: 5 at the moment but more are coming!

Instagram: u.episode.u



waiting for more stories

Thanks for the thread. Love the black author appreciation

Little Things

Story : Little Things
Genre : LGBTQ
Chapter : 17 (as of 1/14/22) ongoing
Description : Mallory Anderson? A jaded girl living in the shadow of her twin. Peace Thompson? A broken girl with a complicated past. What happens when their worlds collide?

Link :

If you’re interested, DM me on (Login • Instagram)

Or if you just wanna talk or be friends you can DM me too. I’m always looking for new friends to talk with

On The Other Side

Title ~ DD: On The Other Side
Genre ~ Mystery/Drama
Episode count: 4
Description~ School is a nightmare. Home is a nightmare. Arden just wants an escape. And that escape comes in the form of a mystery figure online with unknown intentions.

Nonbinary MC, M/F LI, Choices (None matter)

Story link:

For updates, follow me on [Instagram](Login Instagram


Story : QUEEN
Genre : DRAMA
Chapter : 4 ongoing
Description : Kay realizes that the man she thought was her knight was nothing more than a cold-blooded nightmare, and Hollywood would sing your praises and stab you in the back at the same time



Title: Stuck with you
Genre: Romance
Chapter: 3 ongoing

Description: Akeelah has always dreamed of being a professional figure skater . When her partner gets hurt, she has not choice but to team up with the guy she hates. What could go wrong?


Thank you so much! :heart:

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No problem! :fire::star_struck:

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Thank you Lana for adding me to your list. I didn’t even ask :sob::pleading_face::smiling_face_with_tear:

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Lol gurl you didn’t need to ask. You send story, I add to the list. :star_struck::sunglasses::fire:

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Napoleon by @aoi.episode


Here are some of the Black Authors I like:

Instant Princess by @ellebadu
The Don by @imbecilerunner
College Crushing by @jmelroses
Huntress by @a_w_episode



This is a story I posted, hope you like it!

Title : Diamond in the Ruff!

Genre : Drama / Romance

Style : LL

Chapters : 1 - 3 Episodes out and more coming-

Description : When you’re passed up for a promotion at your job, you start to think you will never get anywhere in life. But one magical night-out turns your life upside down Female MC, Full CC, Male LI

My Instagram : dela_jo.episode

Storylink :