Black Jack's Story Review ***NOW CLOSED WHILE I DO THE CURRENT ONES***


I’d love to review your story! All you have to do is fill out the form :point_down: below :point_down:

Thanks for putting in a request I’ll do it when I can and post it on Instagram!!

  • Black Jack


I requested :slight_smile:


I also filled the form :slight_smile:


I’ll get to them tomorrow as I need to go to sleep. Thanks for asking me to do this!



I just requested a review - make sure to rest yourself and was wondering what time zone you are in?

You helped so much with my story ideas of my trilogy - this is the first and main story of the trilogy btw!!!


I have filled form in :slight_smile:


I requested a review. Thank you for doing this!


i requested:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes I will! I’m in the pacific time zone :grin:

And no problem! I enjoyed doing it with you


Yup! No problem at all!



Thanks my love and I enjoyed it as well!


Can i still fill out the form even if it is closed at the moment?


Go right ahead.