Black screen error

Basically, I was playing a story minding my jolly old business, when all of a sudden a black screen appeared. I kept tapping but nothing happened (probably just missed a lot of the story, so that’s great). I tried closing the app and opening it back up, but the app would go through the loading screen until the black screen came back.

What story was it? And was it featured or not?

The story was On Tour, and it wasn’t featured.

If it was a user story it may have been finished or the user is updating if so they got rid of the end.

But what about the app starting up with a black screen?

Oh. I misunderstood what you wrote. Have you updated the app? Or tried redownloading?

If none of that works i suggest submitting a ticket here

Oh, wait. It’s working now, for some odd reason. Thank you.

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Oh lol k. :slight_smile:

Hi there i am having same problem just read 1 episode chapter and back to the same black screen when ad comes up so damn frustrating