BLACKTAIL–NINER Чорнохвоста Дев’ятка


Чорнохвоста Дев’ятка

(UKR: chornokhvosta deve’yatka)


Unpublished. Release is scheduled for 5pm AEDT 4th May, 2022, but may be postponed until sometime later in 2022 depending on internal and external factors.
Characters and plot line have been in development since 2019. I apologize for consistently extending the release date! I know many of you have been looking forward to the release of this story.

Short description (App):

A group of six manage radio comms with Blacktail-Niner who guides them on a journey across six states amidst the undead, but will it be his greatest triumph or his gravest mistake?

Long description:

In 2042, a group of (mostly) strangers are brought together by a common threat - the undead. Despite this, they manage radio communication with a soldier nicknamed ‘Blacktail-Niner,’ who navigates them through dangerous lands in the hopes of reaching safer grounds – a military base sanctioned as a safe zone that presents itself as one of the only remote chances of survival. But being six states away, the journey ahead is a long and uncertain one, especially when there’s an even greater threat that lurks in the dark and it’s much, much closer.

Will the journey reward them with salvation or have they been condemned to a dead end after all?

Current Covers:

Small Cover:

By: Yours Truly.

Large Cover:


By: Yours Truly.


Horror, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance.

Early Access and Skip-the-Wait:

Early Access? Yes.

What is Early Access?

Early Access is the feature which allows readers to pay 8 gems to read the newest episode early or wait 7 days for it to become free.

Skip-the-Wait? No, but may be implemented every 6 chapters upon completion of the story.

What is Skip-the-Wait?

Skip-the-Wait is the feature which allows authors to choose a wait-time and gem price. The feature can be implemented into numerous chapters and countdowns only start once the reader sees it, regardless of when the chapter(s) was(were) released.

Current Systems:

Point Systems
  1. Savior v Survival points which can affect what scenes you end up with and also has the power to alter character reactions (of the cast) to your own character.
  • Savior Points are granted when you make selfless decisions to save others at your own risk, some of the choices will remove Survival Points at the same time as giving you Savior Points. If you earn enough of these, you can save supporting characters and potentially have more positive reactions from other main characters… or negative.
  • Survival Points are granted when you make choices that benefit you whether they’re moral or immoral. These may include choices where you are required to leave someone and/or sacrifice someone and save yourself. These can also alter how other characters will react to you, but will benefit you in some scenes when it comes to equipment possession or errands. You can also lose Savior Points while are you granted Survival Points.
  1. Mika v Kaiser v No Romance routes and character reactions vary throughout depending on your choices. Some choices will grant you points with one love interest, but subtract your points from another.
    E.g Mika will get awkward and angry with you if you’re cozy with Kaiser but attempted to be unfaithful by trying to bed him.
    Choose wisely.

  2. Support the Author selections will be added up each time a reader choose to support me and it can unlock secret scenes in the future when they arise.

  3. All translation choices for German, Russian, Hebrew and Ukrainian are remembered so when a section in the said languages are present, you’ll either have it with an English translation or you won’t.

I’ll add more systems to the story and introduce more characters and situations as the story progresses, but the very end of the overall plot is not impacted by your choices.

Note: Your points will always remain a mystery to you unless you choose to view them at the end of episodes using gems.

I’d also like to say that this is the first story I’ve ever implemented branching into, even though I’ve been writing on the app since 2017.

And because of that, my branching capabilities are limited, but I’m really trying my best to make this story as advanced as I can and any help with expanding the existing branches is much appreciated if you are familiar with complex branching, branching within branching (within more branching?), flags/gains.


Choice Types
  • Timed choices.
  • Remembered choices/mattering choices.
  • Tappable choices.
  • Gem choices at the end of each chapter for Support the Author, View Points, Top Up Points, Bonus Scenes, Secret Scenes, Life Before The Apocalypse Scenes, “What if” Scenes.

Possible Future Additions to Branching

Branches I will consider adding if I can manage to code them successfully amidst (and into) the other existing branches:

  1. Closed captions option for those who’re hearing impaired.
  2. Male MC route which will result in different spotting, dialogue, pronouns and Mika not being a love interest. Only Kaiser (who is bisexual and biromantic), the No Romance routes and Becky as a love interest would be included. This is because Seravina is not interested in any sexual activity nor romance and Charly is too young.

Character Customization:

  • Full CC, including extra hair colors and an extra eye color. You will also have the option to be bald BEFORE you customize your character so you must choose wisely, as once you select a hairstyle, you cannot choose to be bald again.
  • First name and surname input.
  • No CC for any of the other characters for plot and overlay purposes.

Love Interests:

Love Interest Routes (Including No Romance)

Mikaere “Mika” Calder

Karan/Kaiser “Kai” Grover

+No Romance Route

  • Choices marked with “( NR )” with give you No Romance Points.


Main Characters

Mikaere “Mika” Calder
Mikaere is a Mauri name (New Zealand).

Charly Calder

Jean Reeves (Default MC)

  • Fully customizable, including name. However, MC will always remain as a Jewish atheist.
    Note: Jewish = ethnicity. It is not limited to religious Jews.

Rebecca “Becky” Stanford

Seravina “Sera” Kuznetsova

  • Not proficient in English, her dialogues and narrations will mostly be in Russian, Ukrainian and poor/broken English.

Kaiser/Karan “Kai” Grover

LEdroid-6529017 "Ethan"

  • Not a love interest and never will be!
  • Commanded and repaired by Mika (registered officer), programmed by Kaiser (Robotics and Programming student).

There will also be a German Shepherd added to the cast in a later chapter.

Note: Character details are subject to change.

Art Scenes:

Kept to a minimum, some art scenes are animated/directed.


Content Warnings

Sounds and music, flashing lights.
Violence, blood.
Mild coarse language with censors.
Mild and censored nudity.
Mild (optional through choices and skippable) sex scenes.
References to sexual abuse.
Themes which may be disturbing and/or creepy for some readers.

This list is subject to change.



Zara Jay
Arina Herman
Gerr K
Jules F
Ami I
Sierra H
Andrea B
Janine Dela Cruz
Sara Styles
Amy M
Sarah Anne
Blanca Leigh
Larson H
Ryan C
Leticia “Letty” Hernandez
Hazem Elghribi
Arty Cannella
Chelsea N
Tal Gordin
Christy C
Melanie G
Cameron H
Isabelle Blackwood
Jack Reese

(Subject to grow)


Backgrounds + Overlays

Jen Miley
Wincy W
Kaiden H
Andrea Hailey
Cora Mae
Tal Gordin
Zara Jay
Jack Reese



One Hundred Years
Tony Anderson
Daniel Deluxe
Theodore Shapiro
Fabrizio Paterlini
Faux Tales
Tommee Profitt, Liv Ash
Blue Stahli
Tom Player
Erik Satie
Really Slow Motion
Colossal Trailer Music
Brand X Music
John Paesano
Jo Blankenburg
Liv Ash
Thomas Newman
Max Richter
Segun Akinola
Dustin O’Halloran
Ramin Djawadi
Volker Bertelmann
(Subject to grow)


Beta Testing

Sarah Anne (iOS)
Arina Herman (iOS)
Zara Jay (iOS)
Arty Cannella (android)
Alexandra D (android)
Zariah (android)



Patricia Vertinski (Ukrainian)
Arina Herman (Russian)
Tal Gordin (Hebrew)
Nelli, Victoria Masina (German)
Arty Cannella (Italian)
Zara Jay (Hindi)
(Subject to grow)



Jack Reese
Arina Herman
Patricia Vertinski
Victoria Masina
Zara Jay
Tal Gordin



Jack Reese


Character Design

Jack Reese


Writing & Directing

Jack Reese



Ami I (Animated art scene)
(Subject to grow)

What to expect in future:

Russian Versions
  • A Russian version of the story known as “МЁРТВЫЕ ЗЕМЛИ Deadlands” which will be an exact replica, except with Russian overlays, dialogues, narrations, choices, display names etc. These are intended for both Episode and possibly other apps with a mature rating.
Mature Versions
  • Mature versions on other apps that are rated 17+ (separate ones for English and Russian) with uncensored coarse language, stronger violence, gore and overall, stronger mature themes.
  • Possibly (not guaranteed) a short sequel.

  • A possible discontinuation if the story performs very poorly or it becomes too difficult to keep the story within Episode’s Guidelines, in which case it would still most likely be published on any other mature app if Episode creates one or other mature apps.

  • A possible revamp if my directing (more specifically; branching) skills improve.

  • The story written on other apps.


Jack Reese AKA “Reese”
Instagram: @schittwriter



(Subject to closure) Apply to be featured:

Background Chars | Read post & then drop deets

Purpose of this thread:

For now, this thread is to advertise BTN, but it will later be moved to a different category upon publication of the story where readers may share screenshots, discuss the story, routes, points etc and ask questions. I don’t want a “Fan Club for” thread made by someone else, since I’d rather be the OP where I have control over the thread and I can add to it with new updates (what to expect/new chapter releases), edits and posts.


I honestly can’t wait for this to come out! The plot and everything- also the cover- h o t


Posting anything about my works gives me hella anxiety– so I’m glad you find my story appealing. Thank you! :hearts: :hear_no_evil:


If I’m not wrong, you’re the writer of Chaos right? I didn’t read the entire story but from what I’ve seen, I’m sure this story of yours would be a hit too! And the title infact, is forgettable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Okay… WOW


Correct. But omg, that story is so old and the directing makes me cringe. I’m actually surprised that people still remember it. :skull:


That’s the thing with Episode, there’s normally at least one person who will remember a story no matter how old or new it is :joy: (:


It maybe old but I only started reading it 2 months ago :joy:

Yeah, true. I still love the story though - it has a special place in my heart.

Oh… :rofl: well- [nervous laughter].


bump :blob_hearts:

this sounds phenomenal!
can’t wait to read :star_struck:

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Eeek! Thanks. :see_no_evil:

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WOW. just WOW. I’m already invested.

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Bruh this sounds so interesting stop-

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Thank you. Jjfjsdnksdn. :sob:

I’m glad!

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:eye::lips::eye: WOW
Nothing more to say


T-Thank you? :flushed:


Ahhh! Thank you so much, I’m glad you’re liking it so far. I hope the story itself pleases you too. :relaxed:

Oop! I forgot to change that countdown— Thanks for telling me. It’s because it was supposed to be an entry, but then I realize I won’t make it in time and pulled out awhile ago. :skull:

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I love it already, the characters, the description, the cover, ahh love it so so much, everything’s so beautiful and well made that I’m about to scream from excitement, can’t wait to read your story! :heart_eyes: :purple_heart:

Oh and Seravina “Sera” Kuznetsova, that name especially Kuznetsova made me smile, if you know what I mean. :grin: :white_heart:

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Thank you! Thank you! You don’t know how happy it makes me when people look forward to it. :sob:

Hehe and yes, I know what you mean when it comes to Miss Kuznetsova. :wink:


I literally CANNOT wait until this comes out!! :sob:
I can already tell this is gonna be a amazing story!

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