Blake Series Appreciation Thread



Who else loves the Blake series?


Mama does I need to finish Grace though because I haven’t been on episode in a while.


Sorry about that other message. Me too!


What message?


I sent a message saying “She has” because I thought you meant the author but I instantly deleted it.


Ohhhh :joy: yeah that was fast I didn’t even see it.


haha, which episode of grace are you on?


Loved Blake. Even though I kinda hated Liam.
Liam was much better in Grace. And it was good! Buuutt… I really despised Alden. He’s 100% responsible for most of the crap that happens in the story.
Read the first chapter of Queen - and, I loved it! Finally someone talked back to Alden, tbh, but I won’t spoil much.


I lost all my progress on my app re reading is top priority for me, that’s how much I love the series


Oh, cool, but it sucks you lost your progress.


I love Blake! But Grace, not so much. I despised Alden, like @thesoulpunk said. Plus when Grace turns into a badass for a bit and then goes back to being weak towards the end? A huge no. I haven’t read Queen yet, but it sounds awesome. Joane is pretty good too.


I honestly love the whole series!




Queen goes off and starts showing Alden who’s boss. And Alden starts showing his true colors.


Oooh, I wonder why Queen does that. And “true colors”?


It’s some good stuff - you’ll see.
And, true colors, like. How much of an asshole he is. It’s pretty cool seeing a lot of fans turn on him all of the sudden because of what he’s doing… As someone who’s hated him since the start, that is.


What’s he doing?! Abusing Grace?

So… intuition?


The first Blake story was amazing but I didn’t really enjoy Grace.

Joane is good too


I really liked both the series but i didnt like queen, i really miss the old characters and its just boring now, i really dont like any character in queen …, im losing interest…:disappointed_relieved:


Due to me losing my progress I haven’t seen the final episode of Grace can somebody spoil it for me?