Blake Series Appreciation Thread



Who else loves the Blake series?


Mama does I need to finish Grace though because I haven’t been on episode in a while.


Sorry about that other message. Me too!


What message?


I sent a message saying “She has” because I thought you meant the author but I instantly deleted it.


Ohhhh :joy: yeah that was fast I didn’t even see it.


haha, which episode of grace are you on?


Loved Blake. Even though I kinda hated Liam.
Liam was much better in Grace. And it was good! Buuutt… I really despised Alden. He’s 100% responsible for most of the crap that happens in the story.
Read the first chapter of Queen - and, I loved it! Finally someone talked back to Alden, tbh, but I won’t spoil much.


I lost all my progress on my app re reading is top priority for me, that’s how much I love the series


Oh, cool, but it sucks you lost your progress.