Blank choice? Need help

I had a reader inform me that she left the app on during a scene and did not close it. When she came back to the scene she seen the picture I shared. This scene was a choice during a set format phonetext. Has anyone encountered this or is there a way around it? Other readers were able to read the chapter and get passed that scene

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ur right it is a glitch so you may not be able to fix this but sending a ticket to the episode team can! did your reader tried to close the app nor restart her phone?

She closed the app and restarted and it didn’t help. I think it was a glitch as well. I haven’t heard about anyone else have a problem with it.

Is it still not working for her? If you want, you can update this particular chapter so that there’s a message prompt for her to re-read this again, and see if the glitch is still there for her.

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I’m having the same problem with Rule breaker Episode 13