Blank Proportionate Pose REQUEST thread

Good Morning!

I’ve had quite a few people in the past ask me how I design my poses for my art work and after a little consideration I decided to open a pose request thread.

Note that the format of these poses are not limelight nor ink and more realistically proportionate. However this does not mean you cannot design them as either, I will attach an example below.

Please read through the following:

Pose Format

This is an example of the format you will receive your poses in. It is then up to you to colour, redesign and add features of your own choosing.


-If you use the custom poses in any art work featured on forums, social media or your stories it MUST be credited to me. E.g. Pose outline credit to @calico.episode.

-I will only take 5 at a time. I will then hold a waiting list of a further 5 people until completion when requests will be open again.

-Do not claim any poses as your own!

-Stay on topic in this forum, let’s not clutter the feed!

-Please give clear instructions on what you would like. Such as male/female, heights, and poses themselves.

-If you remove the watermark for example, if it is inconvenient for your design, please ensure you credit me in the bottom right or left corner.

-Do not ask me to complete a request if you are not serious about wanting a pose, this wastes my time.

-Custom poses do not take long, however do not rush me! I am a university student and have a huge workload.

-The PASSWORD is Calicoplease quote this in your request.

Happy requesting!

Request List

  1. @TheCreepyNun (COMPLETED)
  2. @Miss_Moonlight
  4. @Nicole.Kalani

Waiting List


Calico, Can u pls make me a pose of two girls with theire backs on eachother, one facing left and one facing right while holding hands. Would appreciate it alot :heart_eyes:

Request accepted. Give me 20 mins.

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Calico, can you please make me a blank of a girl. Thanks!

What kind of pose?

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With a peace sign please :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for making a thread like this :grin: I have prayed for this haha.

Can I please have a guy and girl stood side by side the guy a but taller than her and a them holding a child’s hand :grin:

Give me this evening whilst I get through another request and I should be able to complete yours too

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Did you want this just from the waist up?


No problem and full body please :blush:

Feel free to tidy up or erase details in the outline and make changes to any of the shaping. I hope this gives you a good base for your art.

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Thank you

I would request but I can’t do any of it… :joy:

Everything looks amazing though.

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Yes, please :grin:

Okay, I’ll get onto this shortly, most likely this evening.

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Hello can you make us a outline of a pregnant woman holding her bump (6months)

I will let you know when im done :slight_smile:


Sorry could you make the poses in my request with the rear view with the other girl having only her back shown as if they’re leaning on each other