Blank scene for 18 lines

Can somebody help me it shows a blank scene from line 2107-2124 and i don’t know how to fix it.

Are there any specified Errors?
Have you tried refreshing?

did you preview on the phone or the portal?

Do you want the characters to already be doing the action when the screen shows up? For ex: after transition.

You have a “@” infront of YOU which causes a pause. Try using an “&” sign. Maybe things will be smoother?

I cant find a reason, even if the screen was black the speechbubbles would still show up somewhere. Just trying to rule out if this is a portal glitch. Have you tried mobile as well?

yes i have it’s still blank

i had preview on my phone.

Try mobile, it may be a portal glitch. I cant see why it would be blank. Something should pop up…?

I had zoomed on a character then it started to show again thanks though☺️!


Where that yellow highlight line is, try putting

&cut to zone 1

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