Blanket overlay and night time filter

does anyone have a black blanket overlay for a birds eye view of sheet blankets and can someone make a night time version of the penthouse bedroom

Have you ever tried the EFFECT DIM 60 overlay? It wouldnt give u a lit up city, but it makes the room look dark.

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i just tried it and it worked. Thank you! do you know where i can find a black overlay blanket


Nope, I only have one like this:

I’ve seen them tho. I just dont know where. :joy:

lol i seen them too i just can’t remember where they were neither

I can possibly replicate the one in the picture if you want

thank you so much if you do it could you please make it all black if possible

All black? You sure you don’t want me to make it exactly the same as in the picture? Up to you x

Are you talking about the penthouse pic or the blanket pic?

I have a white sheet background and i need a birds eye view of a blanket

The actual blanket in the picture. I’m going to cut it out and turn it into an overlay. But I’ll do everything tomorrow as my brain is shut off now x

Can you send it to me please? Sometimes it’s possible if I can sheer it without affecting the quality


here it is

Do you have the blanket as well? I actually have an overlay blanket I made if you want it

I have this one I made. Please credit me if you wanna use it x

i have these sheets

I won’t be able to sheet that there’s too many creases. You can use the one I just sent you, I adapted it for birds eye view and you just put a blanket overlay on top of it.

There’s two ways you can do this and I’ll give you both ways.

One is the birds eye view, the other is I cut the blanket from the bed and turn it into an overlay. You just zoom in on the character x

ok i will use the one you sent and i will do the birds eye view but do you have a black or grey blanket overlay i can use on top of it


Is this ok? Please credit me x