Blanket Overlays For Every Episode Bed


Aren’t you sick of it looking like your characters are never cold because they are always sleeping on top of the blankets?

Well, I’ve made a blanket overlay for every bed episode has. (At least I think I got them all; I might have missed some, whoops) Keep in mind they’re not perfect, but once you upload them as an overlay, you can barely see how wobbly my outlines are :sweat_smile:

Here’s the link for the blanket overlays:

And for help spot directing your characters in the beds, go here:

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Thank you! This is so kind and helpful! :heart:


You’re a lifesaver!


Now my characters won’t be so cold@


Thank you so much for remaking overlays for each one of the episode’s bedroom. I absolutely love them! Your work is still under-appreciated though. How should I credit you in my story?


Aw you’re so sweet. If you want to credit me you can just use @amberose


Did you do the one for the Euro hotel room? or am I just being stupid and didn’t see it :laughing:


:thinking: I am not so sure, as I had a feeling I missed one or two. I can check when I get on my laptop later


Thank you :slight_smile:


So. I just realised I have none of the Euro Hotel Room blankets because they aren’t under the bedroom drop down in the art catalog! Thanks for pointing that out to me, I’ll add them this weekend.


It’s alright!

I ended up making one :slight_smile:


Sweet :v:


Thank you @amberose for doing this! You saved me! And I’ll give you full credit in my story because people need to know how hard it was for you to do EVERY SINGLE BED OVERLAY there is. Love your work! :wink::heart:


Oh gosh! You’re too sweet :blush: