Blanket Overlays

Can anyone make me blanket overlays for this bed?


Pm her @ChayChay

shes very good or he

Hi what do you need

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I’m a she as well :grin:

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she was telling me to ask if you could make a blanket overlay out of the photo above

What to take the blanket from the bed then sent it seperately

yes please


I’ll be done by the next hour I’m doing something for a friend right now

I’ll start doing it now

sorry I just noticed this… next time i will be happy to help you

its fine! but i do need another overlay for a different bed. want me to send the picture here or pm it to you?

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yes please I would love to help

thank you!


could i have a blanket made?

Ok what’s the details

Like for when you on a sheet and you pull the blanket on you that kind… sorry if I’m not explaining it right😴

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