Blend a Q and A template with Branches (I think I mean that)

Alright, this is what I mean…
The scene:
Someone has gone missing, the Police are now involved, two detectives arrive at the home the missing person shares with her fiance, it was a party so her Mother is there too. I have one Detective ask several questions with the fiance in one room and the other is with the Mother in another room.

I have used the QandA template but I would like to add a scene relevant to the answer the fiance or mother uses. These scenes may be clues/leads for the reader, possibly for themselves to solve or at least know where I am taking the story. Ideally I would like there to be a reward system where the reader chose the right question the detectives ask as there is a scene that plays that reveals the clue/lead. So I am assuming I would use the if/elif/else coding.

So that being said, how can I blend all of these templates to make it flow?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean, however if you mean certain scenes leading to other certain scenes I’d use labels. For example, write “goto labelname” when you want it to go to a different scene and write “label labelname” at the start of the scene you want it to go to. Sorry if this was confusing, I can explain in more depth if this is what you were looking for :smile:

It would depend on what scenes you’re doing and how much you want them to change the scenes. If you only need it to come up way later in the episode, you could just do the if/elif/else coding or you could have labels if the scenes are quite large and vary a lot

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I wasn’t sure if you would still be awake. I thought I do it to fill in some of the gaps to extend on the length of the episode like we talked about when you gave me that review. I was just trying to be clever hahaha but it doesn’t seem like I am doing that successfully.

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Well it really depends on how much you want to change but I think whichever method you use, you can’t really go wrong :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll play around with it I guess.

It really depends on what you want

  1. how many questions there will be in total?
  2. Do you want let reader to give all questions or will he be able to give only some of them?

If you, for example, give 6 questions in total but only 3 are the right one…I would make it simple it to make 3 independent choices each give choice to ask 2 different questions…and they cant return to the menu to ask the second question.

how ever if you do this - make sure that if the reared choices all the wrong questions the story still make sence to him.

If you want him to be able to ask all questions you can use the FAQ template…and you simply add the scenes in the place wherein the template is the answer.

This is daras template which you do refer to I guess

simply in the place where the template writes “the answer goes here” you put the whole memory scene inside.

Thanks, that’s what I did in the end.:blush:

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