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I make free art to see my designs go to @blissvwrites on instagram


I don’t have Instagram can you ss examples

of course

I also do overlays if needed

Do you do covers


Can I make a request for a LL cover

yeah of course what would you like

Ok here we go
Character details
Name: Anna
Skin tone: neutral 02
Face: round soft
Eyes: deepset upturned wide(ice blue)
Mouth: small heart(peach gloss)
Eyebrows: arched natural scar(jet black)
Hair: updo curly messy(rose gold)
Nose: defined natural
Body type: slim
Clothes: anyone you like

Character details
Name: Anne

everything is the same for both characters cuz their twins. The only difference is the hairstyle which for Anne is long voluminous curls

Name of book: ruler of the hidden realm
Type of cover: Both
Name of authors: stargazer and Olivia megan

Extras: both characters have heavy freckles and a tattoo in the lower part of the arm. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s the only tattoo in the lower arm so you’ll get it

Background: mansion or castle night
Deadline: well if you could the second you finish it

ok I’ll try to get this done as soon as possible

Thank you

Is that what your episode character looks like

That’s the one luv

great just to be completely sure I’m gonna start working on it now <3

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I finished your art let me know if I need to alter anything because I gladly will

I put up examples

Thanks sorry for not replying earlier

How do I credit you

Your art is beautiful ! :heart:

by my instagram @blissvwrites

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