BLM is being used as clout

Make an insta and I am there supporting you

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They’re obviously just using this for clout and attention. Please stop. Smh


Some people would pretend to support something to get attention. People are pretty disappointing.


I know right? I’m so sick of it. I’ve been seeing so many racist public figures use this situation for clout and it DISGUSTS me. And their non-black fanbase just eat it up as if it negates all the racist things they did in the past. I’m just so sick of this! like…SICK OF IT


thanks for agreeing with me everyone!

yes it needs to stop!

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clout is what everyone wants and the fact it’s being used at a time of heavy despair is sad


I’m sorry to ask, but what is clout? I’m an idiot.

clout is basically getting attention off of something that’s popular or something trending at that moment


Me neither. It just doesn’t feel right.


Ah, ok. Thanks.

Honestly, there’s been a lot of performative activism in the community these past few days.

Black authors making Episode #BLM edits is its own thing and that’s for the black community to discuss amongst itself regarding whether doing so is appropriate or productive, but I’d really urge anyone making these edits as non-black authors to understand how performative it is for you to do it. Things like this are so exploitative of black pain/collective trauma and do little beyond give you social clout or a superficial level of reassurance that you’re a good ally.

And I’ve seen a few posts where black authors would comment below about why it’s harmful and that they didn’t want this kind of support, only to be met with the equivalent of “I’m doing this to represent and support black people, so shut the f*ck up!” This happened with a separate ism on another big thread and I’m always stunned at how no one seems to see the irony. How can you claim to want to learn or be supportive of x community when you can’t respect (or even listen to) their wishes?

I think a lot of this is due to having a large number of young authors on the platform, because it’s incredibly easy when you’re young to repost and repost and go along with something that just feels good in a surface-level way without thinking through the complex layers behind the act.

But it really is not the way. The older you get, the less other people’s opinions of you will feel like they matter, I promise. It’s so important to really think through if something is truly helpful to a community or if you’re just going along with it because some people might consider you a bad or ignorant person if you don’t. That kind of carelessness is what leads to writing and supporting stories that amount to trauma porn under the guise of “awareness.”

Be a good listener, do what’s appropriate for the situation to the best of your ability, don’t suddenly drop your support of the community when #BLM hashtags stop trending. There are ways to be genuinely helpful without performing or adding more trauma to the traumatized.


blm is not a trend, it’s a movement.


PLEASe can you share that to me cause I really wanna use it to make a point thank you :heart:


I’m not sure what you mean. The comments from IG?

Even if I had the authors’ permission, anybody who speaks up about these edits almost always has their comments deleted by the editor or their account blocked. :confused: I’ve seen a few comments stay up, but only because they’ve bent over backwards to make the editor feel good. Sometimes OP will apologize for “offending anybody,” but they never remove the #BLM edit.

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And some of these edits these authors are doing arent even drawings of black people, some look like brown people some even look white. I’m sure we’ve all seen them, it’s ridiculous.


The amount of edits I’ve seen of “black people” with blue eyes is too damn high. What the hell is going through people’s heads when they are adding extremely rare or euro-centric features to these edits???

“Oh yeah! I’m gonna get so many likes! Look how pretty their eyes are! Yay!”

“Whew! I’ve done my part now. Oh…wait, lemme change this because this makes them look too black. Eugh.”

“Ugh! I don’t feel like drawing their hair…meh, flat irons exist right? Ladedede! Post!”


Who exactly is this for? Because it sure as hell isn’t for black people.


It’s for them and to get attention lol because you said it. It ain’t for black people.


Yeah, I’ve been seeing a lot of this. While I won’t take a break from this place, I legit had to take one from Twitter. The amount of BS the last few days I’ve seen on there has me disgusted.


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It’s gross that people are doing this for clout ------- I :woman_facepalming: