Blocking Other Members

Is there really no way to block people on here from seeing your posts along with messaging and replying to you?

If u press the flag button u can

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Your welcome if u need anything else just ask me :blush:

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You can mute users but I’m not sure if you can actually block them?
If you mute someone, I’m not really too sure what happens. I think they can still see your posts and I think you can still see their comments? But you just don’t get any notifications from them (don’t quote me on that, I could be wrong).


I am 95% sure Elise is correct. I have muted several members, and I don’t get notifications when they post.


@EliseC and @FallenAngelNight13 are both correct. Flagging a post or topic does not block the user being flagged. The only way to not receive notifications from about another user is by muting them in your account settings :slight_smile:

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