Blonde and brunette girl duo

For my story I need a pretty girl duo. One blonde and one brunette in LL please.


I can make you one if you’d like! unless you want @ / Ryder14’s example.

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I would love to see yours too!!

Thank you so much these are great!! How do I credit you?

Sure! I’ll post the picture of how they look like along with their details and clothing :slight_smile:

First girl is LILY. Here’s her outfit

And then here are her details:
body type: athletic
skin tone: Copper 03
eyebrows: arched thick style (dark brown)
hair: short wavy brown (dark brown)
eyes: delicate almond falsies (brown medium)
face shape: round soft
nose: round Botton
lips: full wide (blood orange matte)

then the second girl is named BRYNN: Here’s her outfit

And here are her details:
body: female soft body
skin tone: copper 01
brow: arch thin (light brown)
hair: long half up ponytail hair (blonde medium)
eyes: deepest downturned (ice blue)
face: diamond defined contour
nose: grecian soft
lips: full heart pouty (rose light nude matte)

Omg they’re great. Thank you so much!!

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My forums name is fine :relaxed:

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