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Ok so in a scene I have a person getting bitten by a vampire and falling to the ground. I have like a pool of blood overlay that I COULD use, but I wanna go the extra mile and make the overlay…expand. I want the blood to start out small, but then I want it too expand. The time I want this to happen is 5 seconds so if someone could please help with coding (or give me a pre-made code) that would be awesome :star_struck:

All you need to do is change the scale of the blood puddle, so switch out the numbers with whatever size you’d like:

@overlay BLOOD PUDDLE scales to .5 .5
@overlay BLOOD PUDDLE scales to 1 1 in 5

That being said, I had a blood puddle in my story, and when the episode team reviewed it, they said I needed to remove it as it was apparently too gory (see below). I believe if you give a trigger warning first, or the option to not see the blood puddle, you might still be allowed to include it, but I’d recommend checking the guidelines!

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Oh thank you sm! And thank you for letting me know about that warning…I will make sure to figure that out.

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