Blood overlay needed


Im needing a blood overlay for my story. It will be from someone cutting there finger with a knife while cutting open a lemon so ill need it for the countertop


I can do it from behalf of @The.Harmonizing.Team


id really appreciate it!


I’ll do it right away!


IMG_3861 IMG_3862

Please remember to credit me and


can you make it so there isnt a background behind it just the blood? or if you have to have background to it can you make it like the countertop in this picture?


Sorry…I’ll do it now heart


no your fine and thank you!


Is this fine? :heart:

The wifi is slow…sorry :sweat:


nope thats perfect! sorry i keep asking for more but could you make an overlay of this knife too?


Np! Yeah I can!


Here ya go! Please credit me and :heart:


thank you !


would it be possible for you to email them to me instead? for some reason the forum puts a white background on them and I dont want a background on them at all .


Yup, just send meh ur email…pm or here :heart: