Bloody hand overlay? URGENT!

Can someone please make me a bloody hand overlay? i’ve looked everywhere for one but i can’'t find any

I know it’s a bad picture but i had to get it of an edit lol
If you’ve read war dogs than you know what i’m talking about but please can someone make this for me but in INK tan?
I’ll give credit obviously xx


Male or female?

I did a male one…

Let me know if you want a different pose or a female one!
You can credit @lazy_donut

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Hey that’s great but i was hoping for a female one and i wanted the pose to be as if she was looking at her hand ^^^ like in the picture! sorry if i didn’t make that clear :sweat_smile:

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I got one:
But I’m still new here and idk how to attach it so you can download it :woman_facepalming::sweat_smile:

Thank you so much!!
And i can download don’t worry!
What should i credit you as?

Aw I’m glad! Just a mention of my Instagram (purplesugarari.episode) in your credits will be great :smile:

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