BlooperBop's Art Shop! <3 (Closed)

Hello! Welcome to my little art shop. I make covers, splashes and character detail sheets. Just a quick reminder, I can’t do custom poses for LL, only ink, sorry. ):



Character Detail Sheets

Ik they don’t look the best, but I’m quite new to this and want experience. ^^

-No Thread hopping!

I take time doing these, (believe it or not.) So requesting the same thing from another artshop/person when you’ve already requested from me and vice versa is unacceptable. If you thread hop, you are not allowed to request anything else from me ever again.

-I can refuse requests.

If your request is too complicated or advanced for me, I will unfortunately have to decline it. I might also decline your request if there’s 3 people that have already requested.

-Be polite.

If you’re going to request from me, please be polite. A simple thank you after I have finished your request is not that hard to do.

-Please credit!

If you request a cover or a splash from me, please credit me at the end of your story!


If you’re not satisfied with something about your cover/character detail sheet/splash, tell me and I’d gladly redo it for you! Limited 3 redos per request. Psst, here’s the password so I know you’ve read my rules. annaoup (Please blur it.)

If 3 people have already requested, I will not be accepting any more request until I finish theirs so as to not overwork myself.

Have fun requesting ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


hi can I request a splash, please?
pass: annaoup
i want it to say: this story contains sounds, please turn your volume up.

pose: like the one in the first splash.


Body- Light
Brow- medium angled
Hair- straight, auburn
Eyes- upturned feline, brown
Face- oval
Nose- upturned
Lips- full round, ruby red

background: a white background, please


thank you so much <3


You forgot the password, but once you add it in, I’ll get on it right away! :slightly_smiling_face:

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im sorry, I forgot about it <3 do you have Instagram?

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No, sorry. :sweat_smile:

okay, thank uu. so I’ll have to give u credit by ur forums username right ? :cupid:

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alright, thank you sm!

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Np! :two_hearts:

Is this okay? :slight_smile:

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could you put it some headphones, please, thank you so much :cupid:

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Hoi I was wondering if you could do custom overlays? :blush:

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Depends on the overlay, I’m not too experienced with making them, but I could certainly try!

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Headphones on your character, or the background?

Do you think you could do a pose like male having his ears covered with pillows? If not I understand! :relieved:

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Something like this?

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on the character please <3

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Yep :rofl:

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Here you go!

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I’ll try my best, but could you send me the character deets? :slight_smile:

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