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Hello, and welcome to the BlossomNight art shop. My username is Weirdo1, but I also go by BlossomNight. Let’s jump right into this!! :hibiscus:

Below I will list what I can do.


-Edit photos for backgrounds
-Covers (but my cover artist is very busy right now)
-Backgrounds in general
-Overlays (but my overlay artist is also busy)

This shop is in dedication to Angrybirdd, who needed to close hers down for personal reasons. No hate against her.

Now, Shop Rules

  1. Absolutely NO mean comments to me or anyone else, it is not their fault if they cannot create the background themselves, and you bullies are on the thread too so…

  2. DO NOT steal my backgrounds, covers, overlays, etc, my team worked hard to make these and we do not want people coming into the thread and just stealing our stuff.

  3. DO NOT request stuff that we cannot make. If it’s an accident, it’s okay and I will recommend other shops to you that have exactly what you are looking for.

  4. THIS SHOP IS FOR PEOPLE IN NEED OF BACKGROUNDS ONLY! If you can make your own backgrounds, don’t waste our time and do it yourself. We have multiple requests.


Please do not just come into the thread and be rude or mean to us. Also, you must credit us either in your stories as a reader message or narration bubble, follow them on IG (my artists) or you need to have some special mention in your Episode profile, we’ll take any of these.

I will make sure that your backgrounds are the correct size for Episode approval, like 1, 2 or 3 zones.

There are no forms, just so you know.

I can also create outfits for your character, just give me some deets and I’ll pull something together. Character cards can come with it, you need to mention that if you want some outfits and a character card, give me the details of your character and I’ll do it.

Include a due date, if you have none then I will get it done whenever. If you do, I can make it from within one day to one month. Nothing more. More news will come later about the new feature I am letting my shop have.

Note that I have pulled most of these backgrounds off of some website like Pixabay, so the full image is not mine and I cannot take full credit.

I will also do reviews for your story plots or your characters if you need it!

I will make an edit of examples soon, but they will only be outfit examples and background examples.



Hey love @Weirdo1
Congratulations for your shop



With love,

Thank you! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have discovered my talent and founded this shop! So thank you and good luck to you too!

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Hey love!
So do you make character cards I kinda need a bunch of them!?

How many?
I can do as many as you’d like!

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I kinda need more
I will get you the details asap!


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So this is the first character card I need!
I did one by myself right now I dont have time and patience to do all
And I’m a bit lazy too
I kinda need a unique one please and classy one thou
I did one for me I will show you thou!

Name - ZOYA

Body - Female Athletic Body (neutral 02)
Eyebrow - Arched Natural Scar (dark brown)
Hair - Wavy Long (Brown black)
Eyes - Deepset Upturned Wide (red)
Face - Diamond Defined Contour
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips - Full Heart Pouty (red deep gloss)

Cherry Back Tattoo Ink Red
Simple Heels Leather Black
Scar Eye Right (04-07)
Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid
Floral Heart Chest Tattoo Solid
Sports Bra Cotton Black
Frayed Cuttoff Shorts Denim Grey Black
Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor

Theme - Red and black


something similar to the one I used for you in the banners will work!

Nothing specific
The faster the better, love

With love,

Okay, that works! I will get it done within a day or two!

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