Blossom's Bright Outline Contest!


Happy late summer! (For most southerners…) I’m glad to be hosting my bright, fun and summery outline contest now! Just follow the rules, enter, and win! Easy as that! Also, make sure to follow my Instagram Miss_Dahlia_Blossom for sneak peaks, and more artwork!

I’ve made this fine outline:

And YOU can win this contest just by coloring it, and submitting it here!

Details and Rules:

  • I actually created it as a princess… :joy: Use bright, fun, and summery colors to jazzify princess Blossom!
  • Her eye color is the only thing that must be unchanged.
  • You may use any skin, hair, lip, etc color you want! (The brighter, the better!)
  • You may make minor edits to the outline itself, feel free to add lashes, crowns, facial lines, hair swirls, ANYTHING YOU LIKE!
  • Be creative, and original!
  • Please, keep the “Dahlia_Blossom” watermark on the artwork.
  • Deadline to enter: July 25, 2018
  • Winners announced: July 25 - July 26


1st Place:

  • Shout out on the forums
  • Shout out on my Instagram
  • A character in my newest story: Treasures: Once Upon a Time!
  • Your art displayed in a splash IN MY STORY!
  • A credit-free piece of art of your choice! (No watermark or credit needed!)
  • A follow on Instagram
  • You get to use the piece of artwork in anyway you want, with no credit besides the watermark!

2nd Place:

  • Shout out on the forums
  • Shout out on my Instagram
  • A credit-free piece of art of your choice! (No watermark or credit needed!)
  • A follow on Instagram

Runner Up

  • Shout out on my Instagram
  • A follow on Instagram

Enter now here, or on my Instagram Miss_Dahlia_Blossom and also, please get us up to 150 on Instagram and join the fam! The account is new and to reach my first goal within 2 days of making the account id crazy! Please please please help me with my second goal! Thanks!



This sounds fun!! I’ll enter :heart:


Great! Good luck!


Hi again! I just finished my edit for the contest! Should I post it here or PM it to you?


Go ahead and post it here! Ps, I’ll be done with your request soon, (1.5 hour tops…)


Alien princess


OMG I LOVE IT! HA! It’s great thanks!


Sure! ( thank you for helping me out with the edit. Your work is truly amazing :heart:️)

My Version ❤️


omg this is so good!


IT’S SO CUUTEE! Thank you it’s been accepted!


Haha! I love yours!


Thank you!!


Thanks :heart::heart:


You two may be literally the only ones that enter by the deadline… :sob:
If it’s not too much to ask, please advertise this wherever you can… Tysmmmm


thx lol
@Dahlia_Blossom aawwwwww mine looks like you!! JK JK LOL I REALLY WANTED TO SAY THAT SRRY LOL ITS A JOKE


llololololoololololo No worries girl. I wouldn’t get defensive even if it wasn’t a joke.


Sure! I know what it feels like to not have many people enter contests. I actually have one due on the same date as yours :joy: I’ll put it on my contest for people to enter yours too :heart:


Aww thanks!


I’m going to enter if I get time! This outline is beautiful!! :heart_eyes:


Here is my entry to your outline contest, I loved this outline so I chose to do it before some of my others lol. :hugs:


I’ve posted it on my Instagram aswell. :slight_smile:

~ :snowflake: