Blossom's Edit Shop *CLOSED*


Heyo! It’s me, D.B. and I’m here with exciting news! You can request again! Yay!

Just head here to request now!

Hope to see you there for the grand re-opening! (For a limited time only…)


We WILL get to 150 in the fam!

Follow me please…


Can you make me an art scene? :grin:


I’m not very good at art scenes. It depends if it’s complicated art or not…


I will definitely try though!


Sure I’ll send you the details, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You don’t have to make them you can edit the one’s I’ll send


Oh ok! I’ll try my best. Just send them here, though…:smile:


that’s HIM

and HER

good luck! and thank u!:hugs:


thanks! I wont be able to do those outfits, but i will try my very very best!


Don’t do the outfits you can just edit them or you can do your own outfits it’s ok!
and it would be awsome to have like simple bridge background if you can if can’t it’s ok!


ok i’ll try!


I’ll be like one more hour with your art scene!


@NattyGomez So sorry for taking longer than expected… I’ve never done a boy very well before…


All done!
@NattyGomez Here you are!

Make sure to credit me in your story by narrator bubble or readerMessage

readerMessage Thanks to Miss_Dahlia_Blossom on Instagram for the art!

Thanks to Miss_Dahlia_Blossom on Instagram for the art!


OMG it’s incredible!!:heart_eyes: IT’S JUST SI PERFECT <3 THANK UU!!
ur amazing at this! I’m gonna cry :sob::sob: :heart::heart:


Off course I’ll credit u!


Hi! Do you mind making a story cover for me? I’ll pm you if that’s ok!


Totally! Just pm or do it on my thread!


@Sydney_H Please close this thread.

Everyone who has requested thank you! But until further notice, I wont be taking requests… So so sorry. It has been fun doing your art! (May re-open spring 2019)