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New thread - Blue's SPLASH and COVER Request Thread! Part 2

This is Blue2109 here. I started making splashes when I first started writing my first story.
I can make splashes for you if you need it…
Splashes will be ready as quickly as possible.
Also, I can make simple Covers you can check out the examples are below.

All you have to do is tell me :point_down:
If you want your characters in the splash or cover, send me character, outfit and expression details.(Or a simple screenshot of your characters will do)

For splash

  1. What type/s of splashes do you need?
  2. Background: you can select the background you need or I can select it for you.
  3. The text you may want in splashes.
  4. A detailed description of what you need.
  5. A short summary of your story.

For cover

  1. Name of the story and author
  2. Description of your story
  3. Background: you can select the background you need or I can select it for you.
  4. A detailed description of what you need.
  5. Do you need both small or large cover?

You can follow me on Instagram at @blue2109.episode
Don’t forget to credit me at @Blue2109

Request Completed: 160 :thinking:
Request Pending: 4
Below are the few examples of the splashes and covers I made.

  1.                                2.

3. 4. Small Cover

5. Small cover

6. Large Cover

I need splashes! Help!
Looking For An Artist!
I need someone to make art scenes for me in my story! please help
I need covers for my new story!
I need a cover for my story please
Anybody that could do two covers for me?
Sound Splash Needed!
Splashes needed
Splashes Needed Please
Looking for help with a cover
Splashes Needed for Story
Can you make me a cover for my story?
Can anyone do me a cover?
Can someone make me cover art?
I need a cover, can anyone help?
Need an artist!

Hey Blue. You know me already - I’m Winter in case you forgot. :joy:
I’ve seen no. 2 & 3 of your examples before and I know you’re really good at making splashes. Please could you make me a splash?

Story Title: Soccer Moms: Blast To The Future
Story description: All it takes is one shot to change your whole life. Win or lose, nothing will ever be the same.
Attachments of character and outfit:

Alyson (MC)

- Alyson (MC)

Aria (MC’s child)

- Aria (MC’s child so make her smaller)

Calvin (MC’s child)

- Calvin (MC’s child so make him smaller)

Grayson (MC’s husband)

- Grayson (MC’s husband)

Sophia (MC’s best friend)

- Sophia (MC’s best friend)

I’d like it like your first example with them all at the bottom. In between the two lines of the people and Episode, can it say “This story will be continued…” I’m not sure what font so I’ll let you decide. Feel free to ask me any questions if I haven’t explained clear enough. :slight_smile:

Winter xx


Definitely girl! :relaxed:


Thanks so much! How long do you think it’ll take? :thinking:


already on it , will take like an hour or so…


Okay, that’s great! :hugs:


Can you send me the order in which you want the characters to be placed?


Sophia, Aria, Alyson in the middle, Calvin, Grayson


@WinterMoon05 here is your splash!

If anything needs to be changed msg me. :relaxed:


Thanks so much! :blush::hugs:


Hi, I love your splashes! Thank you so much if you accept this request!

What type/s of splashes do you need?: Sound
Background: you can select the background you need or I can select it for you: Can do the background with the episode loading screen, just as in your first example, and your previous work for Winter?
The text you may want in splashes: This story uses sound
A detailed description of what you need: The characters all lined up at the bottom. Jupiter is wearing the dress and shoes as shown in the image. Jupiter is in the center doing flirt_wink, Carter is to her left doing arms_crossed_angry, Alfie is to her right, doing blush, Ozzie is to Alfie’s right, doing flirt_shy, and Alexander is to Carter’s left doing think



sure will do it right now.
Hey can you send me the name of particular outfit they are wearing like that of Jupiter.


Hi @BLUE2109 ! could you make me the first one?
Story title: GLEE

Order to be placed:








I would like Brooklyn in the middle because she’s the MC.
Can the text please say “Please enjoy! The story is about to begin!”
? Thank you ! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Of course, just send me character details and outfits. :blush:


Oh ok. Thanks!











@bethanyk14 Your splash is ready!
If you have any suggestions, changes to make feel free to contact me :relaxed:
And Best of luck with your story :+1:

Don’t forget to credit me at @Blue2109


Thank you so much!


You are welcome!