Blue's SPLASH and COVER Request Thread! Part 2 (OPEN)



Can I have a cover for my fantasy story?

  1. Duplicity and Skylar Moore
  2. You’ve lived your entire life thinking myth was just that, A myth. What happens when you discover who you really are and who you’re going to be. (MC is goddess that was abandoned at home and finds her way back home into the gates of olympus.)
  3. For Large Cover::
    For Small Cover:
  4. needs to look on the more realistic side.
  5. I need both a small and a large cover
  6. Large Cover: ![PNG|618x500] (upload://4kb6qmW1iuyrher2dwvamYvN04V.jpeg)
    expressions for large Cover: male- arm_crossed_angry Female w/ horns- flirt_wink_foward female w/ long dress- talk_sad_clutch
    expressions for small Cover- male avatar- talk_flirt female avatar- eyeroll
    Small Cover:
  7. _ph0tography__s.2003


Hi! :slight_smile: do you happen to have a black episode loading screen?

  1. What type/s of splashes do you need?
    To be Continued and Warning use language and Sound and my Insta
  2. Background: you can select the background you need.
  3. The text you may want in splashes.

  1. To be Continued so, stay tuned on my Instagram and Episode Forums for more!
  2. Please be advised that this story contains themes and strong language.
  3. This story occasionally uses sound turn up that volume!
  4. Instagram: episode.chase_ Forums:

  1. A short summary of your story with story name
    Title: Flowers of Despair
    Summary: Family falling apart you acting career is stressful until one kiss on set changes life plans and re-routes them to a thrilling experience!
  2. If you want your characters in the splash , send me (character, outfit and expression details) Or a simple screenshot of your characters with the required expression.
  3. Your Instagram handle.


@BLUE2109 Thank you!


hey I was hoping you could make me some splashes? my form is underneath…

splash form
  1. What type/s of splashes do you need?
    one blank one with my people, one blank one with just me, one language warning, one to be continued and one follow my insta

  2. Background: you can select the background you need.
    the white episode loading screen:
    like this one but with my people please

  3. The text you may want in splashes.
    Warning splash:
    This story contains foul language and mature themes.
    Not suitable for young children.

End of chapter:
To be continued…

insta one:
Follow me on instagram!

  1. A detailed description of what you need.
    the white episode loading one with my people in the spots i asked for. if possible id like one blank with the group and one blank with just me. One insta, one and one language warning one.

  2. A short summary of your story with story name
    Story name: Loving Bad
    Short summary: you never thought you’d ever find the one but when bruno moves to town, that all changes… things start off great, but what goes up must go down. will you make it through or will you go crashing down with everything else?

  3. If you want your characters in the splash , send me (character, outfit and expression details) Or a simple screenshot of your characters with the required expression.

adam on the far left (facing right and just a bit lower than the middle people to make him look a bit far away)

bruno on the far right (facing left if possible. Also just a bit lower to make him look far away- same distance as adam if possible)

you in the middle right (facing left if possible)

rosie in the middle left (facing right)

insta splash person:
ill use myself

7. Your Instagram handle.

sorry if i seemed bossy lol, zeus


Hi. I’m looking for the episode loading screen in Black. It being plain with the logo. That’s all I’m looking for, I would really appreciate it😇thank you!

Here’s the reference/example:


hi can i request a splash


Hello, @BLUE2109 My name is Vanessa love can I request 3 splash backgrounds, please.
Girl: Vanessa Love

Skin Tone:
Rose 03

Long Wavy Parted Hair

Hair color:
Black Dark

Deepset Almond

Eye color:

Arched Short

Eyebrow Color:
Black Dark

Round Button Upturned

Face shape:
Heart Soft

Full Heart Pouty

Mouth color:
Red Matte

Character Outfit: I am going to post them.

Background: Can you chose for me, please

Character Animation: Can you chose for me, please

Splash background #1

  • This Story will be continued

Splash background #2

  • Thanks for reading love you

Splash background #2

  • This story uses music and sound

Style: Limelight


Thank you


Hey! I would like to request a splash. I’m not sure if I can request two things at once, so I will just do one.

  1. I need a “This Story Contains Sound” splash
  2. For the background I want the character to be inside a phone, and the phone to be glitching out. Hope that makes sense?
  3. For the text, I really just want it to say “this story contains sound, turn your volume up”
  4. I want my character to be in a phone, that is glitching out, with text saying “this story contians sound blah blah.”
  5. My story is about an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) called Olivia is Here. The MC follows the clues and tries to decode the ARG. If I say anymore I might spoil it! But basically, it is a thriller called Olivia is Here.
  6. My Instagram is @pxetal

  1. Name of the story and author: Lovable Psycho. Author: Adore

  2. Description of your story: Being a Psychopath, it’s physically impossible for you to fall in love… isn’t it? (CC/Choose Gender/Choices Matter)

  3. Background: you can select the background you need or I can select it for you:
    (It’s a action story so like fire and destruction)

  4. A detailed description of what you need:
    I need the main characters in the front, Serenity (blond girl) to the left and Justin (brunette boy) to the right. They are facing opposite directions and are (draw_gun) then I need two characters in the back, the girl (Aubrey) is idle_terrified and the guy (Cole) is idle_wounded

  5. Do you need both small or large cover?: yes please

  6. If you want your characters in the cover , send me character, outfit and expression details Or a simple screenshot of your characters with the required expression.

    Skin Tone: Olive
    Face Shape: Oval
    Eyebrows: Defined Natural
    Eyes: Upturned Feline (Black)
    Nose: Upturned
    Lips: Classic (Taupe)
    Hair: Fishtail Braid (Blond)

    Skin Tone: Mocha
    Eyebrow: Bushy Wide
    Eyes Classic Round (Black)
    Nose: Button
    Hair: Modern Pompadour (black)
    Lips: Uneven (Mocha)
    Face Shape: Diamond

    Skin Tone: Caramel
    Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Black)
    Nose: Elven
    Eyes: Upturned Feline (Black)
    Eyebrows: Medium Angeled
    Face Shape: Soft Heart
    Lips: Classic (Terracotta)

    Skin Tone: Tan
    Eyebrow: Straight Bold
    Hair: Boy Bun (fawn)
    Eyes: Classic Round (Green)
    Face Shape: Defined Natural
    Nose: Button
    Lips: Smirk (Terracotta)

  7. Your Instagram handle.
    (If you choose to do this, thank you so much


Name of story: Me Too
Author: em
Background: mugshot background
details: : mugshot background, main character in the middle up front. You can only see her upper half, the top shed be wearing doesn’t have to be complicated, but a neutral colour, no orange jumpsuits please (a black or white top would work) The MC is holding a white piece of paper in the front of, two hands on each side of it, paper is placed parallel and on it, it says the TITLE of the story, which is: Me Too
Small cover please
Character info
Main character:

Gender - Female

skin tone - mocha

eyebrows - seductive arch

hair – classic bob – colour – Auburn

eyes – upturned bold – colour – white

face shape – oval

nose – elven

lips – full round – colour - mocha

I kind of explained the outfit already, youll only be seeing the upper half of the body and most of the shirt part will be covered by the piece of paper so any nutria color top, any style of top whatever looks best
facial expression, im not so sure but i want something badass tho, so maybe you can help with that;)
my instagram is @em._.epi
Any questions or if you want any more details inbox privately.


Hey your work is really nice i was wondering if you can make me a Small cover and Large Cover Thanks!