Blurb (Description) Ideas?

I haven’t taken my long overdue psychology class. Does anyone have any tips on making a good blurb (description) for a story? Thanks :heart:

What’s the story about?

It’s called Shadows Before Dawn; it’s about a girl (shadow duh) and her siblings who join a sort of… clan. It’s like the Clans from The Warriors, since it was inspired by that, but it’s hoomans and it’s my own story.

Basically, Shadow and her siblings join The Warriors. Shadow befriends Rain, who has a similar past. After hanging out for a while, they witness a murderer killing someone, who happens to be the third death that week- not counting the killings before. Shadow and Rain play vigilante and kill him, then are faced with doubts that they killed the right person. Rain and Shadow go to find Rain’s family, her father and brother. When they get back, The Warriors are in the middle of war with another clan. Shadow tells the warring clans the truth about who killed all those people from the clans, which causes the war to cease. After taking a break, suddenly people start disappearing, then Shadow and Rain are forced to tell the truth about who really killed the killer. Then Shadow’s mother randomly appears out of the blue, here to help however she can. They find the culprit of the murders, a person named Badger who has long been presumed dead. Badger starts to anonymously recruit members from both The Warriors and The Maniacs. Then, at one truce meeting between the two parties, Badger appears and brings forth his allies, who Shadow’s brother is a part of. After a long, hard battle, Aspen (Shadow’s mother) sacrifices her life to safe her daughter’s, and the war ends.

Sorry for the lengthy, rambly, unspecific and bad description, lol. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to tell the story. I hope this is good enough :grimacing:

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If you need me to tell the story better, just tell me.


“Two clans. One murderer. What will happen to Shadow when a murderer starts haunting (town name)?”

If you don’t like it, you can tell me. It’s all I thought of at the moment.

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I really like it :open_mouth: I’m so jealous I didn’t think of that first. I might make a few changes, but other than that, tysm

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You’re welcome.